Increased Artifact Inventory Limit, New Battle Pass Weapons… Done! √ | Developers Discussion – 08/02

After the previous discussion was released, we received a lot of Travelers' attention and feedback. The developers are looking forward to continuing to communicate with everyone. Let's take a look at the content of this round of conversation.

Dear Travelers,
After the previous discussion was released, we received a lot of Travelers’ attention and feedback. The developers are looking forward to continuing to communicate with everyone. Next, let’s take a look at the content of this round of conversation~


We’ve been following all kinds of feedback from Travelers about Artifacts. As one of the most important game development experiences, the developers will continue to carry out optimizations in future versions.
After the Version 4.0 update, Travelers will be able to experience the following content:
✦ Artifact Inventory Limit will be increased to 1,800 from 1,500.
✦ 8 Artifact Sets that can be exchanged will be added to “Mystic Offering” in the Crafting Bench.

✦ The destruction function of Artifacts in your Inventory will be optimized, where you can add 4-Star Artifacts at once.

More optimizations for Artifacts are currently in the plans. Here, we would like to share some thoughts with you:

Locking of Artifacts
The dev team has been looking for ways to reduce the cost of managing artifacts and improve your experience. We will optimize the locking function in the future, allowing Travelers to lock Artifacts that they want more easily.

Equipping of Artifacts
Regarding the current cumbersome process of equipping Artifacts, we are currently discussing a new plan to help Travelers select and equip Artifacts as quickly as possible.
We are in the midst of discussing specific plans for the above optimizations. Once the details are confirmed, we will reveal them in detail in subsequent Developer Discussions.

New Content Preview

Next, we will share some new content in Version 4.0 with you. Let’s take a look~

New Battle Pass Weapons
There are now 10 types of weapons that can be selected from the BP Bounty. After unlocking the Gnostic Hymn and reaching Level 30, you can select one of the weapons as a reward. We will introduce the details of the new weapons via official information in the future.

New Genius Invokation TCG Function: Observe Duel
Travelers can view the current Genius Invokation TCG match on the Friends or Co-Op Team screen.

*You can select whether you allow others to view the duel through the settings in the duel. (Default allows friends and Co-Op teammates to watch the duel)

Adds Gyroscope controller support on some platforms
Gyroscope controller support and related settings have been added on PC, PS4™ and PS5™. Detailed rules can be found in Version 4.0 Update Details later.

New Chapter of Adventure: Fontaine

In the upcoming version, Travelers will head to Fontaine, the Nation of Justice. Fontaine encompasses vast areas of open water. With the blessing of the Transoceanic Sourcewater, you can freely traverse their depths and explore the unique scenery of Fontaine.

Before you embark on your journey, we have two adventure tips to share:
1. After the Version 4.0 update, if you have completed the Archon Quest in Mondstadt, a Teleport Waypoint in Sumeru’s Realm of Farakhkert will unlock automatically. You will be able to use this to quickly arrive near Fontaine.
(*If you wish to advance in Fontaine’s storyline, we recommend completing Archon Quest Chapter III: Act VI “Caribert.”)

2. The Multi-Layered Map will be officially available after the Version 4.0 update. Travelers can use it to better understand the terrain of the area you’re in and explore with ease. In addition to Fontaine, the Multi-Layered Map function will also be updated in some existing areas.
More information about Fontaine will be introduced in the Version 4.0 Special Program. Stay tuned~

Thoughts on the Future…

With the release of the new version, Travelers will get to explore tons of new content. The dev team has also noticed that the current Daily Commission mechanics are not flexible enough.
What we’d like to share here is that the relevant optimizations are currently in the pipeline. When the time comes, Travelers will be able to obtain daily rewards in a new format. We will introduce the details to you in future discussions.
And that’s all, folks! If we gather new development insight, we’ll be sure to take down notes and share them with you in time.
If you have any thoughts or feedback, you can also send them to us through channels within and outside of the game.


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