Diona Quick TL;DR Support and Healer Build Guide – Version 2.5 – February 2022


PSA #1: A Support is like eating a hotdog with no condiments. Yeah, it’ll still taste pretty good, but why eat a pretty good hotdog when you can eat a bomb ass hotdog instead?

PSA #2: Both Diona’s abilities scale off ATK, but her shield and healing do scale off HP, and worth the investment! Literally everything about this character is a cat lovers wet dream

Diona shoots out Cryo cat paws that home in on enemies. Grants a Cryo shield on hit. STAYS WHEN YOU SWAP CHARACTERS. Number of paws hit = longer the shield lasts. Applies Cryo to self for a tiny bit when shield forms

Two ways to use Diona’s E (based on Talent level 8):

  1. Tap E: Launches 2 paws that deal cryo damage and creates a shield that lasts 4.8s (2.4 x 2)
  2. Hold E: Launches 5 paws that deal cryo damage and create a shield that lasts 12s (2.4 x 5)

It is highly recommended to level E, as each level increases the shield duration per claw!

IMPORTANT TIP: The cat paws from E have awkward targeting, and will majority of the time hit the same enemy (if lucky nearby since it has a small AoE detonation). So your position is essential. Sometimes, if you’re a bit too far, they won’t event target anything.

Shield makes you zoom zoom and stamina drains less (works with dash)
Diona kicks a cocktail shaker at her enemies. Does AoE cryo damage on hit and puts down a Cryo field. Enemies in Cryo field take Cryo damage over time. Characters in the field heal

Take note that the heal is a bit dangerous, as you’re essentially made to heal next to the enemy (which most likely did the damage to you to begin with). Just be mindful of where the heal lands, and to make sure your shield will remain up to guarantee safety while healing!

Enemies do less damage when in the cryo field

Talent Leveling Order: E > Q > Normal (But try to level E and Q equally)

How do I get it D: ?: It’s time to roll boys (gacha)

Has base Energy Recharge scaling and makes Diona’s E A LOT more forgiving

Sacrificial Bow makes holding E much more forgiving and helps to extend the shield duration. Essentially you have a higher shield uptime, so if your goal is to provide a shielder — then Sac Bow is your go-to

Favonius Warbow is a strong contender, and does better than Sacrificial Bow if your goal is to turn Diona into an energy orb slot machine. Just remember to take a bit of CRIT% so that you can successfully proc the energy orbs. Ideally not useful unless you have it R3+.

How do I get it D: ?: Tenacity at Ridge Watch Domain (AR 30 locked, 20 Resin per run). Maiden Beloved at Valley of Remembrance Domain (AR 30 locked, 20 Resin per run)

Boosts her shield HP + healing amount
Makes Q healing much stronger

You can technically run 4x Maiden, but Diona’s main appeal and strength is her shield, hence why 2x Millelith + 2x Maiden is the most optimal as it benefits both aspects.

If no one else on your team is running it, 4x Noblesse Oblige is an extremely strong set as Diona can perform as an ATK buffer to her team as well.

Keep in mind that Retracing Bolide DOES NOT make the shield stronger for other characters when you swap, unless they have 2x Retracing Bolide equipped as well (which is NOT recommended).

For newer players, you can run 4x Exile early on for the energy regeneration!

Main stats:

HP% (ER% if you need it)HP%Healing Bonus%
You can take Cryo DMG% for Goblet if you really want, but HP% highly recommended for stronger shields and heals!

Substats: HP% (for non-HP% main stat) > ER% > flat HP > EM

If you want other characters let me know. Hope this helped. Bye.


I spend too much time filling out spreadsheets for incoherent data, but at least I can turn them into guides :P

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  1. I have heard that when levelled and equipped, Diona is a tank that provides regular huge shields making her mostly unkillable – I’m currently levelling Zhongli for a similar role, should I persevere with Zhongli (so sick of mining cor lapis…) or switch to Diona?
    Oh my main DPS is Ganyu with an Amos’ Bow, so building my team round her 🙂

    Cheers, love the guides ^_^

    • You can run Diona instead of Zhongli. 100% center your team around what’s available for you. You can always farm up mats for Zhongli slowly for future use, but Diona can also do a hefty job at shielding + healing (plus she’ll fill Cryo resonance)

    • You wouldn’t gain any benefit from the 4x bonus at all. It’s better to just run 4x Noblesse or 2x Millelith + 2x Maiden

    • The craftable bows are a waste to use on Diona, but out of 3-star options there is technically the Recurve bow for the HP% it provides