Divine Ingenuity: Collector’s Chapter Event Guide

Honglang has discovered a strange Domain on the outskirts of Mondstadt again. This Domain seems to change based on the will of the people within it. At his request, you enter this Domain to begin investigating.

Honglang has discovered a strange Domain on the outskirts of Mondstadt again. This Domain seems to change based on the will of the people within it. At his request, you enter this Domain to begin investigating.

Gameplay Overview

Event Gameplay Duration:
June 8, 2023, 10:00:00 – June 29, 2023, 03:59:59

Adventure Rank 20 or above
➥ Complete Archon Quest Prologue: Act III “Song of the Dragon and Freedom”

Event Overview:
➥ There are 2 types of Domains in the Divine Ingenuity event: Preset Domain and Custom Domain.

1. Preset Domains

  • The Adventurers’ Guild has created 5 Preset Domains from the imaginations of its adventurers. From the first day of the event, a new Preset Domain will unlock each day. Complete the Preset Domain challenges and obtain a specified amount of Artificer Points to obtain various rewards.

2. Custom Domains

  • The Custom Domains function allows you to create your own Domains and play Domains that have been published by other Travelers.
  • For the Domains you created, you can publish them for all to see, though you will have to complete any such Domain once yourself first.

Gameplay Details

Talk to Honglang

➥ Teleport to the domain waypoint that will be unlocked right from the start and talk to Honglang near the location.

Preset Domains

1. Bastion Mechanicus

These purple-magenta orbs are spawn points

➥ A certain number of Spawn Points (purple-magenta orbs) for opponents will be present in this Domain, and opponents will appear in these areas.
➥ Create Mechanici, defeat opponents, defend the Ley Line Monolith, and prevent it from being destroyed. The Mechanici can be upgraded and modified to obtain different buffs by interacting with them.

How to Complete

1. Once you spawn, open the treasure chest in front of you.

2. Choose any Mechanicus location and the type of your choices. For me, I create lots of Overload reactions with Pyro and Electro Mechanicus. All of them near the Ley Line we need to protect.

3. Once you finish the setup, make sure to interact with the Monolith and tap [Activate] to really start the challenge and spawn the enemies.

4. During the whole wave, you can use your characters to inflict elemental reactions or gather them with Anemo CC (if their weight is light enough). Both Elemental Skill and Burst can be used in this Domain.

5. Once you get enough Artificer Coins by defeating enemies, you can use them to upgrade your Mechanici (by interacting with them). This is something that you shouldn’t forget.

2. Cloudstrider

How To Complete

This is the first area.

1. In the first area, all you need to do is to follow the path with Adventure Coins on top of it. Avoid being hit by the bubbles so your characters won’t lose their HP.

2. When you reach this area, once you jump on the Bouncy Mushroom (near the spikes), a wind flow will lead you to the side slowly for another Bouncy Mushroom. Then, you will face a yellow door at the top of the platforms that will lead to the second area.

This is the second area.

3. In the second area, once you arrive, just follow the Four-Leaf Sigils while collecting all the Adventure Coins. You will slowly descend to a lot of Fragile Platforms.

4. When on the Fragile Platforms, try not to run and just walk as usual so you can get the Coins easily (I tried running before and it did not end well).

5. Now that you reach the bottom part of the second area, you need to hit the Anemo Slime with any attack so it will pop and unlock the door. There’s only one path here so you can keep following the path where you can see Anemo Slimes.

6. Lastly, activate the mechanism to open the last door so you can get the one and only treasure chest.

3. Nimbus Grasper

➥ The third domain is Obstacle Course Domain and you need to defeat all opponents to complete the challenges. Your starter characters are Fischl, Collei, and Noelle. But don’t worry as you can get more characters later using the Artificer Coins from treasure chests.

How To Complete

This is the first area.

1. When you start the challenge, keep going straight and open the door to see a round mechanism. Stand on the mechanism to spawn the first wave of enemies (Hilichurls). Since we all have the same starter characters, you can use the same strats as mine: Fischl Skill > Collei Burst + Skill > Fischl Burst > Noelle Skill + Burst. For the second wave, 2 Mitachurl will appear.

2. Once the first challenge is completed, claim the treasure chest to get Artificer Coins and go to the left station (Summon Station) to summon Kokomi. This way, you can trigger Hyperbloom aka the Machinegun. Don’t forget to add her to your party by going to Party Setup (Press L).

This is the second area.

3. In the second area, there will be 3 routes with different stations (You can interact with the signboard to see what is on the paths).
Left: Healing Buff
Straight: Summon Station
Right: Buff Station

4. Since we already have Kokomi, the left station is completely unnecessary. I recommend going to the right path (Buff Station and buying 1 Buff. The best buff here is the Informed Tactics that will increase your EM by 120. Don’t forget to equip your Buff by going to Buff Setup (Press Y). After that, follow the path in front of you to get another chest with Artificer Coins and to the next area.

This is the third area.

5. In the third area, there will be 2 types of challenges and you need to choose 1 of them. The left one is Elite enemies while the right one is Normal enemies. Since we have the overpowered Hyperbloom team and EM Buff, I suggest going to the left one with Elite enemies so you can get more Artificer Points. The enemies are 3 Nobushi > 2 Kairagi.

6. When you completed the challenge, take the Artificer Coins and go to the Summon Station on your right to get either Nahida or Raiden Shogun to replace your Noelle. I choose Raiden Shogun because I’m more used to her being the DPS rather than Nahida.

This is the fourth area.

7. In the fourth area, it’s only combat challenges with two waves of enemies. You can easily complete it with our current team and buffs.
First wave: Eremite Galehunter & Eremite Floral Ring-Dancer
Second wave: Eremite Stone Enchanter & Eremite Scorching Loremaster

8. Once you completed the challenge, claim the treasure chest and go to the Buff Station on your left to buy more buffs (since our team is already completed). The two buffs I choose are Precision Tactics and Harmonious Tactics. There will be Artificer Coins left but we will use it to buy another buff in the next area.

This is the fifth area.

9. This is the fifth and last area, and you can buy buff or summon characters for the last time before facing the last boss (Jadeplume Terrorshroom). Go to the Buff Station on your left and buy Elemental Tactics. Make sure to equip all your buffs in the Buff Setup before challenging the last enemy. Then, this domain will be completed!

4. Trove Sweeper

➥ Trove Sweeper is a domain where you need to collect all Adventure Coins while keeping your characters alive. In this domain, the trial characters are only Kaeya and Amber (your characters will also only be Kaeya and Amber). Make sure to bring both of them to the party so you can have a spare character if one is down.

How To Complete

This is the first area.

1. The challenge starts with the easy challenge of avoiding the Hilichurls by simply sprinting away from them. You can also try to avoid them by using Amber’s Skill Baron Bunny to taunt them for a few seconds so you can run a farther distance away from them.

2. Next, the mechanism in the middle will start to release elemental waves that will inflict your characters with different elements and may trigger reactions if you didn’t avoid them in time. The tip here is to dodge them when the wave is right near your character so you can i-frame the wave and won’t take any damage. After that, you will enter the second area.

3. In the second area, the obstacle starts with the Hilichurls on their respective platform shooting after you.

4. Then, the Hydro/Cryo platform on the floor will start afflicting you with the respective element. In addition to that, the Hilichurls also won’t stop shooting so it might hit your characters so try to avoid stepping on these platforms and try to jump instead.

5. The last obstacle is the Flaming Device which will fire elemental attacks in a circle. Just wait until the line attacks didn’t hit the Adventure Coins to run and collect the coins.

5. Heartrender

➥ In the last domain, you need to open treasure chests to obtain Artificer Points and defeat opponents to complete the challenge. You can choose any 4 characters for your team, and you can also summon a few (specific) characters inside the domain if you want to change it using Artificer Coin.

How To Complete

This is the first area.

1. There are quite a lot of puzzles in this domain, but all of them are extremely easy. First of all, the pressure plate right in front of you after you spawn. Step on it to light up all 3 torches, simultaneously opening the door on your left.

2. But before entering the door, turn to your right and you will see 3 breakable rocks. You can break those rocks to activate wind currents. Then, you can use the wind currents to get the chest far on another platform.

3. Once you get the first treasure chest, go climb back up and head to the door you open at #1. Inside there, another Artificer Chest will be available along with Summon Station. You can use the Summon Station to summon a character with Claymore (if you don’t bring them along) and destroy the Buff Bestowers to enemies. Other melee characters can destroy it too but claymore characters have it easier with their heavy attacks.

4. Now, on your right will be another pressure plate. This time, if you step on it, all the bubbles in front of you will disappear and the mechanism will also stop firing the elemental wave. Which means, you really should step on it.

5. But before you go forward, turn to your left for a second to find 2 Fragile Platforms. Step on those platforms to destroy it and obtain another treasure chest.

6. Only after that you can go back to the original path and glide to the wind current upstairs. The pressure plate you can see with Itto above will create another wind current to bring you even higher. Use it to find another Buff Benefactor and a treasure chest. Destroy the Buff Benefactor to reduce the difficulty when you’re fighting the boss in this area.

7 . Turn around to see another Buff Bestower. You can use the Four-Leaf Sigils to teleport there and destroy it. After that, all that was left for this area was to enter the arena in the middle and defeat the Geo Slimes and Geovishap.

This is the second area.

8. In the second area, the first obstacle is the floating bubbles. Ignore all the Slimes down there. You just need to step on the wind platform in the middle and use your characters to jump when the coast is clear from the bubbles (It will move from side-to-side).

9. For the pressure plate puzzle, step on the following plates in the right sequence to light up all torches and unseal the treasure chest:
1. Left
2. Middle
3. Right
4. Middle

10 . Then, keep following the path until you see a Buff Bestower and 2 treasure chests. You know it, destroy the mechanism and take the chests.

11. When you see an Anemo Slime in front of a door, attack the Slime once to unalive it and unlock the door to find another Buff Bestower. Destroy it.

12. For the last Buff Bestower, you can just glide the wind current beside its gate to float above and do a Plunge Attack to destroy it. And don’t forget the treasure chest~ That’s the last puzzle and all that is left is to fight the Lawachurl and Mitachurl to complete this domain!

Custom Domains

➥ For Custom Domain, you can create your own dream domain, and after completing the challenges within once, they can share their Domain for other Travelers to play. The range and options to choose from here are extremely wide so I will only cover the tasks you need to complete to get all the rewards.

1. First, go to Design and choose any Blank Slot.

2. Under the Preset Domain, choose the now unlocked Imaginarium: Bastion Mechanicus.

3. Once you’re in the Editing area, go to Settings on the top left corner.

4. In Settings, don’t touch anything except the Co-Op Participant Capacity in the Domain Settings. Lower it down to 1 instead of the default 2.

5. Go back to Editing mode and tap Save and test challenge on the middle right corner. Then, choose Overall Test.

6. You will face the exact same Mechanici challenge as the Preset Domain earlier and you need to clear it just as the same.

7. Once you complete the challenge and Confirm to publish, you can then claim the one and only reward for the Custom Domain section.

➥ The reward isn’t much at all, and another method you can use is to just play other Traveler’s Custom Domain, but you won’t know whether their Domain is hard or not so it’s better to do it yourself.

Gameplay Rewards

➥ Don’t forget to manually claim your rewards from the event page. By completing all the event challenges, you will get the following rewards:
Primogems x420
Mora x330000
Mystic Enhancement Ores x20
Adventurer’s Experience x4
Guide to Freedom x4
Guide to Resistance x4
Guide to Ballad x4
Chains of the Dandelion Gladiator x6
Debris of Decarabian’s City x6
Boreal Wolf’s Cracked Tooth x6


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