Divine Plants of the Depth Guide

The new Genshin Impact update brought with a whole new set of world quests, Divine Plants of the Depth being one of them. While the quest itself is pretty straightforward, there are a few things you need to take note of to finish it with ease.

Activating the Quest

To activate the quest, head on over to Bourou Village in Watatsumi Island. Once there, look for the village leader, an old woman named Komaki. You’ll find her standing near a small shrine.

As you interact with her, Komaki will offer to read your fortune for you, free of cost. All she requires is some help in collecting water from the Offering Pool.

Komaki will then tell you that the residents of the village came from the bottom of the ocean a long time. With them, they brought a plant named the Deep Sea Spiritherb. This plant grew alongside them in the ocean and was transplanted in the village. For generations, the villagers have protected and nurtured the Spiritherb but as time has gone by, people have slowly begun to forget about their traditions. According to Komaki, the brilliance of the light given off by the plant is used to determine whether someone’s wish will be realized or not.

The water from the Offering Pool is full of wishes and is the only thing that can sustain the plant.

Once you agree to help her, she will give you a simple instruction: Hurry over to her as soon as you collect the water.

The Offering Pool

After you’re done talking to Komaki, use the Statue of the Seven in Watatsumi Island to teleport to Mouun Shrine. From there, take the path and go upwards until you reach the Offering Pool.

The tricky part begins once you’ve collected the water from the pool. A timed challenge will begin and you’ll have around 120 seconds to reach Bourou village and speak to Komaki. While she did tell you to hurry over, you can’t teleport to the waypoint right above the village. The moment you do that, the challenge will end and you’ll have failed. After this, you’ll have to start over again.

Here’s what you have to do to reach the village within the time limit.

Sprint down the path you took to reach the shrine. At the edge of the cliff, you’ll find a Phase Gate. When you use that, you’ll be shot across the sky, making your journey much quicker as this is faster than gliding.

However, instead of going the whole way to the other side, when you’re near the village area, press jump. This will stop the teleportation and from here, you can glide.

Land in the village and sprint to where Komaki is. Hand over the water to her and with that, you’ll finish the first part of the quest.

Hydro from the Deep Sea

After you hand over the water to Komaki, she’ll tell you there is another step that needs to be finished before the Spiritherb can shine properly. The plant needs Hydro from the deep sea, something that can be found in a cavern, north of the village.

From here, teleport to the waypoint closest to the Hydro Hypostasis. The cavern that Komaki speaks of is where the cube rests. Once you go down, you’ll see three illuminated spots from where you have to pick up the water. You do not need to fight the Hypostasis. It will only activate if you step onto the platform so as long as you go around, you’ll be fine.

After obtaining the water, teleport back to the village and meet Komaki. She will thank you for your efforts and tell you that you can come by over the next few days to learn your fortune.

With this, the quest will end and you will receive 30 Primogems, 30,000 Mora and 3 Hero’s Wit.

Know your fortune

After the in-game reset, go back to Bourou village and speak with Komaki. She will ask you if you want to know your fortune. If you say yes, she’ll tell you that if you go to the highest peak in Watatsumi Island, something good will happen.

From here, teleport to Mouun shrine. Nothing will really seem different but you’ll notice a few Electro Seelies in the area. Two of them will be above a Torii gate and another will be over the roof of the run-down shrine. Interact with Seelies and once all of them are in their respective places, a common chest will appear.

This was the good fortune that Komaki spoke of.

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