Dori Quick TL;DR Support/Healer Build Guide

Updated for 3.1 😁

PSA #1: A Support is that one friend who’s loaded and treats everyone to some goodies 🤑

PSA #2: Both Dori’s abilities scale off ATK, but you should focus on HP to maximize Dori’s insane healing!

Dori’s lamp fires an Electro shot that splits to two tracking shots after

General notes on Dori’s E:

  • Does 3 instances of Electro DMG/application (initial hit and 2 homing spawned)
  • Initial E shot doesn’t have to hit for the 2 homing shots to track
  • If any of the 3 projectiles hits an enemy, generates 2 energy particles

Only other thing worth mentioning, since Dori has increased drop rates and 4-star, is her C1 increases the number of After-Sales Service Rounds from 2 to 3. Like I said, nothing too crazy.

Basically if Dori’s E hits an enemy, she gains energy based off her ER%

The wording is a bit strange, so I’ll try to clarify:

Either the initial shot (Troubleshooter Shot) or the 2 auto-tracking shots (After-Sales Service Rounds) can trigger this passive. It must also hit an enemy to trigger, which isn’t hard as the tracking shots will usually always land.

5 Energy per 100% ER Dori has – this means that if Dori were to have 200% ER, she would gain 10 energy per E.

The local translation/wording for the last part is really bad, but essentially it means that you can only gain a max of 15 energy per E. Meaning that if you have 400% ER on Dori (for some reason), you won’t get 20 energyit caps off at 300% ER or 15 energy.

You’ll most likely be able to hit around 200% ER on Dori (or rather you should try to aim for it), so it’s a great passive for sustaining her 80 cost Q.

Dori yeets her lamp and it tether to her. Enemies between her and the lamp will take constant Electro DMG. Active character who is tethered will be healed and given energy. CAN SWAP CHARACTERS!

General Info:

  • Q has an ICD of 3 seconds, meaning that it can only trigger reactions once every 3 seconds
  • In single player it only tethers to the active character, but in co-op tethers to everyone
    • This also means that they gain the bonus of healing and energy regeneration
  • Applies Electro to tethered character (like Bennett Q)

Dori’s Q is the core of her kit, and it’s actually an insanely strong heal. Let’s break it down one piece at a time:

The Heal:

  • Heal ticks once every 2 seconds, ticking 6 times before Q duration ends
  • Heals only the active character, not the whole team
  • Tether has a range slightly larger than Bennett’s Q, so positioning is important

Healing scales off Dori’s Max HP – at level 8, the multiplier is 10.7% of her Max HP + 1,204 flat healing. So if your Dori has 25,000 HP, your active character will heal 3,879 HP per tick (this is before Healing Bonus % so will heal a lot more).

Keep in mind that Dori’s 4th ascension stat is HP%, so it’s quite easy to stack HP on her (alongside HP main stat artifacts etc…)

The Energy Regen:

  • Same as heal, ticks once every 2 seconds (6 times in total)
  • Provides energy only to the active character
  • Must be tethered to apply

Leveling Dori’s Q also improves the energy regen provided, but at level 8 it provides 2.3 energy per tick. This means that you can gain a total of 13.8 energy for the active character. In co-op, this is considerably broken as the tether applies to everyone (so essentially multiplying her energy regen by 4x from Q).

This may not seem like much, but it is a considerable amount as other energy batteries in the game are provide a less direct option of providing energy.

If the tethered character triggers an Electro reaction, her E CD lowers

Talent Leveling Order: Q > E (don’t need to level NA)

WEAPONS (Recommended for ER sustain): Sacrificial Greatsword

How do I get it D: ? – It’s time to roll boys (gacha)

Has base ER% scaling and also lets her use E again for energy!

Sacrificial Greatsword is arguably the best weapon for Dori as it provides an ample amount of ER% and more options for her to generate energy. Keep in mind that the passive has 3 chances to proc, since the initial E shot + the 2 tracking shots all count towards resetting E CD (4 chances if you have C1). When paired with her A1 passive, the energy generation can be insane as she can potentially gain over 30 energy (15 x 2 from A1 passive + 2 particles from E hit) from just the reset alone. That’s basically 50% of your Q cost in an instant.

The new Sumeru craftable claymore, Forest Regalia, is a suitable contender as it not only provides ER% as well, but also an EM boost with the weapon skill. Proc’ing a Dendro-based reaction will spawn a buff you can pick up, which boosts that character’s EM by 60-120 (based on refinement). This is especially strong since Dori has no problems proc’ing this reaction with her E/Q. Just remember to pair her with a Dendro character like Collei.

Katsuragikiri Nagamasa is also a great energy generator as it can provide an insane amount of energy for Dori. At R5, it can generate 12 energy for Dori every time she uses her E. Not to mention it also buffs her E DMG and provide her with 45.9% ER at max level.

ARTIFACTS (Recommended for best Buffs): Tenacity of the Millelith

How do I get it D: ? – Ridge Watch Domain (AR 30 Locked, 20 Resin per run)

Boosts HP and also provides an easy ATK buff!

Before I break it down, I will say there are a lot of artifacts you can run on Dori depending on what you want from her. I just put Tenacity more-so as a general placeholder!

4x Tenacity of the Millelith is a great option if you want Dori to be a buffer/healer hybrid. Not only does it provide Dori with a bit more HP to increase her healing, but also a 20% ATK buff to your party whenever she uses her E. That’s essentially a 20% ATK buff every 9s (even more frequently if you run Sac Greatsword on her.

A great alternative to for buffing is 4x Noblesse, which provides the 20% ATK buff when you Q instead of E. So you can take your pick: if you have bad ER% on Dori and struggle to get her Q up consistently, then 4x Tenacity may be better (vice versa).

If you want Dori to be strictly a healer, then 4x Maiden’s Beloved is your best bet. Not only does it provide additional 15% Healing Bonus, but using her E also boosts your team’s Healing Received by 20%. If you’re wondering why not 4x Ocean’s, it’s because Dori’s Q only heals 1 character at a time. While her heal per tick can easily go upwards of 7k-9k, the explosion damage from 4x Ocean is easily dismissed compared to someone like Barbara or Kokomi’s heals (which basically has Dori’s output x4 as it heals the whole team).

For early players, feel free to run 4x Instructor for DMG or 4x Exile for easier energy generation.

Main stats:

HP% or ER%HP%Healing Bonus%

Run ER% Sands if your Dori is below 170% ER MINIMUM. Otherwise, you WILL struggle to maintain her Q constantly (i.e. she’ll suffer as a healer).

Substats: ER% > HP%/HP > EM > ATK > CRIT Values

If you want other characters let me know. Hope this helped. Bye.


I spend too much time filling out spreadsheets for incoherent data, but at least I can turn them into guides :P

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