Dreams of Sword Art Quest Guide

Kannazuka Island

Dreams of Sword Art is one of many new world quests found in Genshin’s Inazuma Region. As you cross through Tatarasuna you will come across a nameless samurai with no memory of who he is.

Beginning is easy.

Find him in the location below at the blue marker and trigger the quest by speaking with him.

After you do so, a brief cutscene will trigger and you will be pulled into a duel.

The First Sword

Once Nameless is defeated, he’ll regain a small memory of two kids who played together with swords. Overcome with the strong urge to know more, he will ask you to go and search for the blades on a hill behind a hut.

This hut is West to the Kujou Encampment. Teleport to the Waypoint and jump off the cliffs. You can glide and swim to the small island across.

Run behind the hut. On the back of it you’ll discover an Enigmatic Page which is a part of the Toki Alley Tales. Make sure to grab it while you’re here!

Afterwards, go up the wooden steps of the hill behind the hut. Defeat two hilichurls and find the sword by a rock. You’ll only find one.

Take it and return to Nameless.

He will remember how the blades were forged and ask you to spar.

The Jug of Wine

Beating him a second time will cause him to lament over the past and he will implore you to bring him wine he once drank with companions under the moon.

Go inside the Kujou Encampment and look for Matsudaira. He will share his memory of Nameless and give you a jug of wine.

Make the trip back to Nameless and tell him what you learned. This will result in the samurai remembering his name, Masanori, and who the owner of the second sword was.

An urge to swing his blade will come to him once he does.

Duel and defeat him a third time.

The Second Sword

Masanori recalls a terrible incident that caused him to flee the field of battle. The details, however, stay lost. At his request, go to the tidal flats in the Southwest and search for the sword he believes he saw.

Teleport to Nazuchi Beach and head for the location on the map.

Following a small mob encounter of Nobushi: Jintouban, you can find the second sword by a torn banner in front a rock. Pick it up and two more Jintouban spawn.

Cut them down and prepare to deliver the blade of Masanori’s fallen friend.

The Final Duel

Get ready for what could be a difficult fight.

Masanori descends into Berserk Mode. You have two minutes to beat him. If you have any characters challenging him below level 70 or 60, it would be a very good idea to feed yourself some buffs.

Give him everything you’ve got!

Be careful. He’ll regenerate his health to full the first time you come close to beating him. This can catch you off guard and cause repeated challenge failures should you not defeat him within the two minute limit.

Battle the second life bar down to successfully end the duel.


No one puts it better than Masanori himself.

And there you go.

You’ve just earned yourself 40 Primogems, 4 Hero’s Wit and the Achievement “Why We Fight”.

Moving forward, Masanori will welcome you to duel him at any time.

If you’re looking to brush up on your dodging skills and durability, you’ve found yourself the perfect partner.

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