“Duel! The Summoners’ Summit!” Version 3.7 Update Maintenance Preview

Our developers will soon begin performing update maintenance. While the update maintenance is in progress, Travelers will be unable to log in to the game. Please take note of the update time and schedule your game time accordingly.

Dear Travelers,
Our developers will soon begin performing update maintenance. While the update maintenance is in progress, Travelers will be unable to log in to the game. Please take note of the update time and schedule your game time accordingly.

After this is complete, the game will update to a new version. We recommend that Travelers install this update over a Wi-Fi connection.

Version 3.7 Maintenance Preview

Update Schedule
Update maintenance begins 2023/05/24 06:00 (UTC+8) and is estimated to take 5 hours.

How to Update Game Client
PC: Close the game, open the Genshin Impact Launcher, and click Update.
iOS: Open the App Store and tap Update.
Android: Open the game and follow the directions on-screen.
PS5™ and PS4™: Highlight Genshin Impact from the Home Screen, press the OPTIONS button and select “Check for Update.”

Please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service if you encounter any issues installing the new version. We will do our very best to resolve the issue.

Compensation Details
Maintenance Compensation: Primogems ×300 (60 Primogems for every hour the servers are down)

Scope of Compensation
Maintenance Compensation: Travelers who reach Adventure Rank 5 or above before 2023/05/24 06:00 (UTC+8). Please claim before the end of Version 3.7.

Our developers will distribute compensation to Travelers via in-game mail within 5 hours after the update maintenance is finished. The mail will expire after 30 days, so don’t forget to claim the attached compensation in time.

For more update details, including bug fixes and other compensation details, please see the Version Update Details notice to be posted at 2023/05/24 07:00 (UTC+8).

Update Content Overview

Adjustments & Optimizations

● Genius Invokation TCG

1) Optimizes the icons generated by Normal Attack “Frostflake Arrow” of Character Card “Ganyu” and Combat Status “Sparks ‘n’ Splash” of Character Card “Klee.”

2) Optimizes the defeat menu presentation in Genius Invokation TCG.

3) Optimizes certain description texts and punctuation in Genius Invokation TCG.

4) Changes the status name “Normal State” of the card “Winged Dendroshroom” to “Aerial Superiority” in Genius Invokation TCG challenge.

5) Optimizes the effects described of Combat Status “Inspiration Field” for the Character Card “Bennett” in Genius Invokation TCG: After Bennett equips “Grand Expectation,” the DMG increase requirements of “Inspiration Field” will be changed from “If this character has at least 7 HP” to being always active. The description of the “Inspiration Field” created by Bennett with “Grand Expectation” equipped is different from one created by Bennett with “Grand Expectation” unequipped.

6) Adjusts the effects of the Talent Card “Undivided Heart” used by Character Card “Ganyu” in Genius Invokation TCG: Ganyu will no longer get the +1 Cryo DMG effect after equipping this card.

7) Adjusts the number of charges required and DMG dealt by the Elemental Burst of Character Card “Ganyu” in Genius Invokation TCG: The number of charges has been increased from 2 to 3 and the Cryo DMG dealt has been increased from 1 to 2. The other effects of this Character Card remain unchanged.

8) Adjusts Elemental Skill Hydro DMG dealt by the Character Card “Fatui Mirror Maiden” in Genius Invokation TCG: “Deals 3 Hydro DMG…” is now adjusted to “Deals 2 Hydro DMG…”.

9) Adjusts the effect and description for Summon “Ushi” summoned by the Character Card “Arataki Itto“: “When your active character receives DMG, Arataki Itto gains Superlative Superstrength” is now “When your character takes DMG, Arataki Itto gains Superlative Superstrength.”

10) Adjusts Event Card “Send Off” in Genius Invokation TCG: “Choose one Summon on the opposing side and destroy it” is now “Choose one Summon on the opposing side and cause it to lose usages by 2.”

11) Adjusts the effect of the Equipment Card “Lithic Spear” in Genius Invokation TCG: Now even defeated characters will be included in the calculations.

12) When your Character Cards include “Maguu Kenki,” all non-Cryo Elemental Dice will be used first for Elemental Tuning and playing your hand in Genius Invokation TCG.

13) Adds rules and descriptions relating to concepts such as “Defeated,” “Food,” “Calculation Order,” “Charged Attack,” and “Plunging Attack” for Genius Invokation TCG.

14) Adjusts the description detailing “Charged Attack” in Genius Invokation TCG. After the update, the description is as follows: Before your Action Phase, should the total number of your Elemental Dice be even, your Normal Attack will be considered a Charged Attack.

15) Adjusts the “Other Rules” tab in Genius Invokation TCG Rules into the “Other Rules” and “Special Entry” tabs.

16) Invitation Duels will now take place in the all new Invitation Duel Room for Genius Invokation TCG.

● Audio

1) Optimizes the sound effects for character footsteps when they walk across different surfaces.

2) Optimizes the sound performance of certain quest NPCs.

3) Optimizes the English, Korean, and Japanese voice-overs for certain characters along with the English and Japanese voice-overs for certain quests.

4) Adjusts the Korean voice-over related to certain items.

5) Optimizes the music switching performance when skipping the cutscene animations of Trounce Domain “The Realm of Beginnings.”

● System

1) In the “Adventurer Handbook,” “Commissions” and “Embattle” tabs now support pushing the right gyroscope on the controller to view more of the text.

2) Upgrades the background blur function in the “Paimon Menu > Take Photo” system.

3) Adds voice lines of the Elemental Skills of “Sprout of Rebirth” Collei (Dendro), “Treasure of Dream Garden” Dori (Electro), and “Admonishing Instruction” Alhaitham (Dendro) in their “Profile / Voice-Over” pages.

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