Echoes of the Ancient World Quest Guide

The continuation of two quests: 'Ancient Colors' and 'Hey, This Isn't Pumpkin Soup.' Help Topyas to find a musical score and play the giant harp conch.

The continuation of two quests: ‘Ancient Colors’ and ‘Hey, This Isn’t Pumpkin Soup.’ Help Topyas to find a musical score and play the giant harp conch.

Rewards: Primogem x30, Hero’s Wit x2, Mora x22500, Mystic Enhancement Ore x3 & Strange Part x1
Achievement Unlocked: Songs of the Ancient

➥ Teleport to Merusea Village and talk to Verenata near the pond. You can only interact with her here after completing the ‘Ancient Colors’ and ‘It’s Not Pumpkin Soup’ quests (I already cover this quest in another guide).

➥ Use the purple warp to teleport to “A Very Bright Place,” which is the location where you will find Carabosse.

➥ Once you reach there, swim into the water and dive deeper until you reach the navigated location (a huge purple conch) and meet up with Carabosse and Topyas.

Swim further into the water (Image via Genshin Impact)

➥ After talking to the Master Potioneer, your first task is to head to a sealed cave. You can teleport back to Merusea Village, and dive into the pond where you first met Verenata. Swim downwards and you will reach the sealed cave (This shortcut will only be available after you completed A Brush of Seafoam and Crimson quest).

➥ To unseal the cave, you need to tap [Left-Click Mouse] on the three blue mechanisms and turn them to orange.

➥ Inside the far end of the cave, you can find the lost score on top of a box near a breakable wall.

Break the said wall from before using the ability of Armored Crab (can be spotted near the little house) and release a shockwave on the wall. Go ashore past that wall and give the musical score to Topyas.

➥ Teleport to the Adventurer’s Guild in the Court of Fontaine and talk to Katheryne to put up a commission. But as a protagonist with thick plot armor, a musician is also there at the exact moment so she can help you with the lost music score.

➥ Head back to the lower level of Merusea Village and talk to Topyas at her little house. If you forget how to reach here, teleport to the “Merusea Village”A Very Bright Place” waypoint and dive into the water towards south. Then, enter the purple warp portal as seen in the image above to reach the huge purple conch location.

➥ On the left side of the huge purple conch (on your right), there will be a route you can swim to reach Topyas. She will ask you to clean the huge purple conch which is formally called a conch harp.

➥ First of all, you need to place the token right at the top of the conch harp. After that, Paimon will say that you need to smack the conch.

Absorb the ability of the Armored Crab just in front of the conch harp and release a shockwave at the specific protruding edge like in the image above. A bunch of Armored Crabs will appear at the opening of the conch harp and you need to defeat all of them.

➥ After Topyas play the conch harp, you will complete the quest and get a hidden achievement.


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