Echoing Conch Guide: Locations and Map

The goal is to obtain Echoing Conches from the Golden Apple Archipelago for the Echoing Tales event, in process allowing you to obtain Barbara’s Outfit for Summertime Sparkle free! These Echoing Conches will play back some dialogue that is also stored in the Conch Retrospection, accessible via the Event menu screen. Collect more Echoing Conches to unlock more rewards.

Only 5 Echoing Conches are available during the first part of the Midsummer Island Adventure. In the second part where the islands have risen, 23 more Echoing Conches are made available. A total of 32 will be rolled out before the conclusion of the event.

Locations and Map


Echoing ConchesRewards
460 Primogem
2 Guide to Freedom
30,000 Mora
860 Primogem
2 Guide to Resistance
30,000 Mora
1260 Primogem
2 Guide to Ballad
30,000 Mora
2460 Primogem
1 Summertime Sparkle
2 Guide to Gold
30,000 Mora
2810 Hero’s Wit
10 Mystic Enhancement Ore
30,000 Mora
3210 Hero’s Wit
10 Mystic Enhancement Ore
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