Echoing Tales Event Guide

Echoing Tales Gameplay Details

Welcome to our guide to the Echoing Tales event taking place during Version 1.6. Players are able to access a mysterious group of islands and collect Echoing Conches to redeem them for various rewards, including Barbara’s new summer outfit Summertime Sparkle for free (standard cost is 1,680 Genesis Crystals).


Collect the Echoing Conches scattered throughout the archipelago to obtain rewards, such as Barbara’s outfit, Summertime Sparkle!

  • Added: Version 1.6
  • Start Date: June 9, 2021 11:00:00 AM GMT+8
  • End Date: July 20, 2021 05:59:59 AM GMT+8
  • Requirement: Adventure Rank 21


Echoing ConchesRewards
460 Primogem
2 Guide to Freedom
30,000 Mora
860 Primogem
2 Guide to Resistance
30,000 Mora
1260 Primogem
2 Guide to Ballad
30,000 Mora
2460 Primogem
1 Summertime Sparkle
2 Guide to Gold
30,000 Mora
2810 Hero’s Wit
10 Mystic Enhancement Ore
30,000 Mora
3210 Hero’s Wit
10 Mystic Enhancement Ore
30,000 Mora


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