Eight Locales Over Mountains and Seas: One Hundred Sights of Dihua

One Hundred Sights of Dihua is the next part of Eight Locales Over Mountains and Seas. After visiting Mountain Shaper’s abode and having a very close run-in with the amber that entraps creatures, it is time to show Kichiboushi other parts of Liyue. Now that the tanuki has had his rest, there is a lot of ground to cover. Follow this guide to ease through the journey.


To access this event, Travellers need to be at AR 30 and finish the following quests:

The Journey

To start on the next part of the event, teleport to Dihua Marsh. Once there though you’ll have to explain to Kichiboushi exactly why the water body in Dihua Marsh isn’t the sea. As the long discussion comes to an end, Paimon will note that Kichiboushi has gotten better at speaking. As Ioroi stated at the beginning of the event, the more time one spends around Kichiboushi’s aura, the better they’ll get at understanding him. Not only that, but the more time the tanuki spends with the traveller and Paimon, the more he’ll learn as well.

Finally, Kichiboushi will ask you to take a picture of him at the marsh.

The Attack

Once you’re done taking a picture, Paimon will suggest that you show Kichiboushi how to fish. Hearing that, Kichiboushi will get excited since he wants to play with water. With that, the tanuki will disappear, heading for the nearest fishing spot.

But unfortunately, on his way there, he’ll be cornered by Hilichurls and ask for your help.

Over here, you’ll have to fight one Wooden Shieldwall Mitachurl and two Hilichurl Fighters. Defeat them to protect your companion and then Kichiboushi will explain what happened. Apparently, the tanuki in Chinju Forest and the hilichurls who stay here get along very well. They often even play hide and seek together. This is why, when Kichiboushi saw the hilichurls nearby, he thought they would want to play with him as well. Unfortunately, the opposite happened.

Take Your Tanuki Fishing

After saving Kichiboushi’s life, head on over to the nearby fishing spot. Over there, you’ll have to catch at least three fish. Once you’re done, Kichiboushi will try to fish using the fishing rod but fail which will ultimately lead to some games in the water.

Finally, with this, your journey will come to an end. For now.


For finishing One Hundred Sights of Dihua, you’ll receive 30 Primogems, 20,000 Mora, 2 Hero’s Wit, 2 Guide to Diligence and 3 Mist Veiled Mercury Elixir.

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