Eight Locales over Mountains and Seas: Two Cities’ Recommendation

Kichiboushi’s next journey in the Eight Locales over Mountains and Seas brings us to the Two Cities’ Recommendation. After travelling to different locations and fighting enemies like the Boar King, it’s time for Kichiboushi to see the city and maybe even get something to eat. Accompany him during this time and earn rewards for it.


To access this event, Travellers need to meet the following requirements:

The Journey

Our quest will begin in the city of Mondstadt. After visiting Dragonspine as well as Guyun Stone Forest and the Alcor, it’s time for Kichiboushi to get something to eat. Head on over to Good Hunter for a meal. Unfortunately, the restaurant is completely booked which is why Sara won’t be able to take any orders. This means you’ll have to do the cooking, in a sense.

For this event, the game has been kind enough to provide the dish instead of making travellers run around for ingredients. All you have to do is go sit down with Kichiboushi and enjoy the sweet madame laid out for you.

After his meal, Kichiboushi will conclude that the sweet madame was really good and you’ll notice that his speaking is getting better. He’ll even start referring to you with your in-game name instead of Yellow Fur. Though with Paimon, it’ll take a bit longer since he can’t seem to remember her name. All he can call her is a variety of different names like Byemon, Spymon and Paimore.

Now, leave Good Hunter and take Kichiboushi to the best spot in Mondstadt city, i.e., the hands of the Anemo Statue. This means, it’s time to climb all the way to the top without falling down. Once you’re in the hands, take a picture of Kichiboushi.

Wanmin Restaurant

Trying the cuisine of one city isn’t enough so teleport to Liyue and head to Wanmin Restaurant. You won’t be eating one of Xiangling’s specialities though since you’ll overhear Geri and Freki talking. It seems that they made a booking for Liuli Pavillion and Xinyue Kiosk on the same day. This means that they can’t have a meal at both places even though they have been waiting for months for their spot.

Kichiboushi, being the helpful tanuki that he is, suggests that he and the traveller go to Xinyue Kiosk instead while Geri and Freki enjoy their meal at Liuli Pavillion.

Just like that, you’ll earn a free meal at one of the most renowned restaurants in Liyue without having to making a booking months in advance.

Finally, once the meal is done, take a picture of Kichiboushi there and you’ll be done.


For finishing Two Cities’ Recommendation you’ll receive 30 Primogems, 2 Hero’s Wit, 20,000 Mora, 2 Guide to Ballad and 3 Boreal Wolf’s Cracked Tooth.

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