Eight Locales Over Mountains and Seas: Wanderer’s Appraisal

Wanderer’s Appraisal is the last journey in the event Eight Locales Over Mountains and Seas. During this quest, Kichiboushi will return to Mondstadt for the last time. The last location that Ioroi marked for him is here, after which, we’ll be saying goodbye to our Tanuki friend.


To access this event, Travellers need to be at AR 30 and finish the following quests:

The Journey

To start this quest, teleport to Stormterror’s Lair and make your way to the bridge so that Kichiboushi can have a good look at the surrounding area. Once there, he’ll note that while the abandoned city is big, it also grim. From then, Paimon will start telling the story of the fight against Dvalin. But unlike her, Kichiboushi will be quick to understand how Dvalin gets into his lair. This irks Paimon so she quickly changes the topic by taking a picture of Kichiboushi.

From here, you’ll have to venture deeper into Stormterror’s Lair but you can’t teleport. There are areas marked for you to visit and the quest will only move forward if you go by foot. This means that you’ll have to fight all the Hilichurls roaming about on the path that leads to the Statue of the Seven.

The fight shouldn’t be too hard since you’ll only be facing Hilichurls and no one else. If you have good shielders on the team like Zhongli, you can simply ignore them and make a run for it. Once you’re at the Statue of the Seven, using the air current, glide into the tower. Go to the lower flower with the broken Ruin Guard and not the floor with the Waypoint.

During this journey, Paimon will tell Kichiboushi the story of Dvalin, his fight against Durin and corruption at the hands of the Abyss Order. While he doesn’t truly understand the meaning behind the story, he promises to remember it nonetheless. Finally, once you’re at the top, the last journey will come to an end.

Saying Goodbye

Teleport to Chinju Forest and head to Ioroi’s statue. When you get there, let him know that Kichiboushi and you have travelled to every location that he had marked. Unfortunately though, by the time you arrive, the effect of the tanuki food that allowed you to understand Kichiboushi will fade. This is where you’ll have to say goodbye.

Sadly, the next time you visit Chinju Forest, while you’ll be able to see Kichiboushi near Ioroi’s statue, you won’t be able to interact with him.


For finishing Wanderer’s Appraisal you’ll receive 30 Primogems, 50,000 Mora, 2 Hero’s Wit and 1 Stone Statue: Giichiro.

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