Enkanomiya: Everything We Know Till Now

Enkanomiya is an upcoming area that will be added to Genshin Impact during the 2.4 version update. With its arrival, not only will Travellers be able to explore a new region but also uncover new lore pieces. In this article, we’ll be covering the currently available details about Enkanomiya in preparation for the future.

What is Enkanomiya?

When introduced during the 2.4 live stream, Enkanomiya was called the Land of White Night. It is a cold and desolate area where many abyssal monsters seem to lurk. Most of the structures there seem to have fallen apart and all that remains is a brilliant white light.

According to the information given during the world quest series, The Moon-Bathed Deep, Enkanomiya was once known as Byakuya no Kuni. Thousands of years ago, during the Archon War, this region sunk to the bottom of the ocean floor and remains there still.

In the current game timeline, it is known as Enkanomiya, the place of origin of the people of Watatsumi Island.

From Enkanomiya to Watatsumi

Since Enkanomiya is at the bottom of the ocean, living there was difficult for the people of the island. However, they had no means of escaping. Not when they were being terrorized by a creature known as the Dragonheri of the Depths.

According to Tsuyuko, the only way that the people could survive was through the light of the Dainichi Mikoshi. This was a device that created an artificial sun and had to be toggled on and off manually to signify the end or beginning of the day. With its help, for years, the people barely survived the claws of the Dragonheir. That is until the arrival of Orobashi.

After escaping the Archon War, the serpent god chanced upon Enkanomiya. Upon meeting the people there, he decided to help them and thanks to him, the Dragonheir was defeated. After defeating him, the people departed from Enkanomiya and finally reached the land above.

And thus, just like that Watatsumi Island was found.

The Key of the Moon-Bathed Deep

During the world quest The Moon-Bathed Deep we come to learn that while the people have found a new home at Watatsumi Island, they can’t forget Enkanomiya. Not when it’s basically bleaching their land.

According to Tsuyuko, the spirit of Watatsumi Island constantly feels the call of Enkanomiya. If this is allowed to continue, Watatsumi Island will become a desert. This in turn brings up many questions about Enkanomiya, especially how it can drain an island of its vitality. Hopefully, we’ll learn more about this situation once the area is officially released.

Furthermore, if the situation isn’t fixed, then the Dragonheir of the Depth that had been sealed there will escape.

Getting to Enkanomiya

Since the majority of the information available on Enkanomiya comes from the world quest series The Moon-Bathed Deep there is a chance that travellers will first have to finish this before they can unlock the new region. This is because the area was sealed after Orobashi’s departure from the island. Five Goshou Rocks were placed throughout Watatsumi, each of them holding a pearl that leads to the Key of the Moon-Bathed Deep. This was created from the blood of Orobash and is the only thing that can unlock the path to Enkanomiya.

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