Eula Quick TL;DR Team Comp Guide

Eula (she can End my User License Agreement anytime 😤)

Something something vengeance… blah blah blah. She hits like a dump truck

Element: Cryo

Weapon: Claymore


Low E CDInsane damage multipliersExtremely easy to play
Strong self buffs/tankyCRIT DMG% as hidden statExtremely high nuke potential
Shreds enemy resistancesCan sustain her own DPSC1 is really all you need


High Q costStruggles with ERMainly Phys DPS
Her Q can be blocked by shieldsCan’t swap once Q’s out or lose DPSDoes require some setup to optimize DMG

PSA #1: Her only big downside is she’s Phys DPS (since many enemies have high Phys RES), but it’s not really that bad since the Q just does too much damage. Just make sure to either pair with a Cryo/battery or utilize superconduct to maximize her output!

Who to take (alternatives explained below!):

  • Great source of passive electro proc’s + extremely easy to play (just swap > press e > done)
  • Oz provides great DPS by himself and a small stream of energy particles
  • Electro is necessary for superconduct to boost Eula’s Phys DMG, which Oz does a great job spreading electro
  • Cryo resonance provides free CRIT%, allowing your whole team to prioritize CRIT DMG a bit better
  • Rosaria’s E is extremely spammable (battery), and has great Cryo AoE
  • Her Q is one of the best AoE Cryo enablers in the game + really low CD
  • The best burst healer in the game, and 100% going to help since you’re facetanking as Eula
  • His Q provides a great chunk of ATK, even furthering Eula’s nuke potential
  • Pyro is great overall to deal with Cryo enemies (shields specifically) since Eula struggles with Cryo shields the most

PSA #2: This is the team I currently run on my Eula, and it does a great job just keeping everyone healthy + do lots of damage. Just remember Oz can be fickle with his targeting, so plop him down near the enemy you’re focusing to nuke with Q. Proc superconduct THEN place Bennett’s Q so you’re not creating a Pyro-reaction accidentally > superconduct

Great flex slot alternatives:

  • Lisa – Extremely low E CD and massive AoE allows you to be more precise with who you want to proc superconduct on
  • Beidou – Her Q is great and practically makes Eula impossible to interrupt. Great source of passive Electro procs as well
  • Zhongli – A bit of an odd choice, but feels great to play with his shield since Eula does have a reckless playstyle (his Q is also great for CC’ing larger foes)
  • Kaeya – F2P Cryo character who has extremely low CD’s and great AoE. His Q is a great source of Cryo procs, especially for a melee character like Eula
  • Barbara – Great for spreading Hydro procs, allowing you to freeze enemies and then do shatter damage, which does improve off superconduct. Not the greatest source of damage, but a nice little extra
  • Diona – Another staple shield character that is a jack-of-all-trades with shielding, healing, and spreading Cryo procs to enemies
  • Xingqiu – If you’re struggling to spread electro, take Xingqiu and spread it with electro-charged. Xingqiu’s Q is a great sustained DPS for Eula since once she Q’s, she’s on the field and slapping away
  • Honorable Mentions – You can take a double Geo comp with this, with a Hydro support (Xingqiu, Barbara, or Mona even) and just rock the shatter comp to death. Not the most optimal, but it’s extremely tanky and fun to play (you see white DMG numbers everywhere lol)

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK QUESTIONS BELOW! I’ll try my best to respond as I know some players may not have ANY of the characters mentioned.

Hope this helped. Bye.


I spend too much time filling out spreadsheets for incoherent data, but at least I can turn them into guides :P

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  1. What do you think of QiQi in the same team? i just pulled her and wondering if she would go well with Eula vs Diona/Bennet

    • Hello! Right now I’m using Eula, diona, fischl and Jean. I feel that Jean doesn’t work good and she doesn’t belong to that team, I switch to her very few times. Maybe should I replace her with xingqu? (He is still level 20, Is It worth It to level him up to 80?)

      • Xingqiu is a great support character (regardless if you use him a lot or not). 100% replace Jean with Xingqiu, since even if he isn’t leveled he can provide Freeze with his hydro procs. If you need further explanation of how to play that specific rotation (Eula – Diona – Fischl – Xingqiu), let me know and I’ll give you a quick rundown!

  2. Yo, great article as usual.
    My main DPS is Razor with Skywar Pride and Xiao with Deathmatch. My question is, is Eula better than both, considering my weapons? I have all the support characters well leveled, and i kinda feel my game lackluster of main DPS.
    PS i love Xiao so much.

    • Yeah, that works perfectly fine. Just make sure to proc superconduct prior to Q explosion (which isn’t hard to manage) and you’re gold!

      • after some gameplay i noticed that i rarely used fischl because the priority are diona shield, and albedo’e E so I think I’m about to change fischl to ning so I get both cryo and geo resonance, is it worth it to swap out fischl ? or superconduct just way too good for eula ?

        • I’ll get a bit detailed here just to express why Superconduct is so vital for Phys DPS. I’ll put a TL;DR of it below as well.

          So lets take the Ruin Guard, who has 70% Phys Resistance. This means that in a hypothetical situation, if your Eula’s Q explosion did 10,000 DMG, it would take only 30% of that damage, so the Ruin Guard would take only 3,000 DMG from it. Superconduct’s proc reduces enemy’s Phys Res by 40%, which effectively make it so the Ruin Guard has only 30% Phys Res; meaning now Eula’s Q would do 7,000 DMG rather than 3,000 (4,000 more DMG!).

          If you consider the fact that some enemies have 0% Phys Res, and you proc Superconduct on them, it will go into the negatives (so -20% Res since going below 0 is only a .5 multiplier) and in turn make you do more Phys DMG overall. So for those enemies, you would actually do 12,000 DMG with your Eula Q

          TL:DR: Yes it’s important cause it’s basically a 40% Phys DMG Bonus. But if you don’t really see yourself utilizing Superconduct that efficiently (or at all), then feel free to swap to Cryo and Geo resonance.