Event Guides

Guides to Genshin Impact events including in-game, social media, web, and official Discord events for the global release, as well as social media events from official English channels.

Fungus Mechanicus Event Guide | 420 Primogems

In a corner of Port Ormos, you and Paimon encounter friends whom you made during the Nilotpala Cup Beast Tamers Tournament. They are currently preparing for the next tournament, and to that effect have come up with a new game which lead to you testing their gameplay~ But don't worry, you are compensated with Primogems!
Genshin Impact Codes

Genshin Impact Codes – March 2023

Genshin Impact often provides new Primogems code, typically every new version. However, they generally have a short duration and expire quickly, so you have to be vigilant and be on the lookout for them! You can check all the active redemption codes here.

The Bunkoku Enigma Quest Guide

The Bunkoku Enigma is an event quest, available for the duration of Three Realms Gateway Offering. During this quest, travellers will be tasked with finding the Bunkoku secret treasure which is hidden behind a series of puzzles. Prequisites To participate…

Three Realms Gateway Offering: Part 3

Three Realms Gateway Offering: Part 3 is the last quest in the event Three Realms Gateway Offering. During this quest, travellers will have to reassemble the final tower and activate the chisel to save Enkanomiya from the darkness. Much like the previous quest,…