Evernight Temple Electro Totem Puzzle Guide

Puzzles can be found anywhere in Genshin Impact. They can be part of a quest or just be waiting to be discovered in some part of the map. The Electro Totem Puzzle in the Evernight Temple is part of the latter. Comprising of five totems, with no indication given for the pattern, the only choice players have is to keep activating the totems randomly.

But don’t worry. We have you covered so just follow this really simple guide and earn your rewards without any worries.

Finding the puzzle

To find the puzzle, teleport to the Waypoint in the Evernight temple that is closest to Date’s labyrinth. You’ll find the electro totems right below the hill the Waypoint is located on.

What you need to solve the puzzle

Since this puzzle only consists of only electro totems, you’ll need an Electro character to activate them. It’s best to use a ranged character like Fischl or Kujou Sara. If you have neither of them, you can also try this with Lisa.

Apart from that, you’ll also need to bring your main team since three Rifthounds will spawn in this area as well. Solving a puzzle while they are attacking isn’t the easiest thing to do so it’s best to defeat them first. Be sure to have a healer ready so that they don’t end up draining all your HP.

The pattern

To solve the puzzle, the totems have to be activated in a certain pattern. However, there is no riddle or tablet which can indicate what the pattern might be.

First, activate the first totem in front of you, the one closest to the Waypoint. Then, the one directly across it (the second last totem). Once you’re done with the two, you’ll have to activate the totem on the left of the first one and then the one on the right. Finally, you activate the one right at the end.

With this, all the totems should be activated and an Exquisite chest should appear.

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