Everything Genshin Impact revealed about Arataki Itto

Genshin Impact recently revealed a new character: Arataki Itto. A Geo character who uses a claymore, the community has been talking about Itto for a while now. After all, there has been so much information revealed about the character even before he was added to the game. There’s always a wide variety of mythological beings for the game to utilize and Arataki Itto just so happens to be one such character.

So, who is he and how can you know more about him?

The message boards have something to say

Apart from the Adventurer’s Guild and the Fatui agents in every corner, the nations in Genshin Impact have one more thing in common: message boards. While they might seem irrelevant, when you read message boards, you can find out some interesting details.

For instance, if you read the boards in Liyue, you’ll come to know that Huachu, an NPC found in Stone Gate actually faked her death and ran away from home. It seems she took a page or two from Zhongli’s notebook.

The message boards in Inazuma, however, reveal information about a possible upcoming character: Arataki Itto.

Who is Arataki Itto?

While you won’t see Itto himself in Inazuma at the moment, you can find signs of him all around. When you interact with Uesugi, an NPC in Inazuma City, he’ll reveal to you that Arataki Itto is an Oni. Then, he’ll tell you about how Itto lost his vision during a fight against Kujou Sara. Since then, he has been doing all he can to get a rematch. It’s safe to say that most of the Tenryou Commission is tired of dealing with Itto.

The details about him don’t end here. Interact with Yukio, a street vendor in Inazuma City and he’ll tell you about an Oni and a Kitsune who started a rather dangerous competition. According to folklore, beans are dangerous for Oni. Despite that, the Kitsune and Oni started a kitsune ramen eating competition. This kind of ramen has beans. Since Itto has a competitive streak, even though the beans almost killed him, he did everything he could to win.

Kitsune Saiguu

Till now, in Inazuma we have only been introduced to two kitsune. Since Yae Miko is known throughout Inazuma, there is a chance that the Kitsune mentioned in this story is Kitsune Saiguu. She is a character that was introduced in Baal’s teaser and used to be a close friend of the Electro Archon.

Itto’s Personality

One thing that we definitely know about Arataki Itto is a very competitive person. The story about him almost dying to win a ramen eating competition proves that. However, he is also a sore loser.

There are multiple message boards throughout Inazuma where you can find messages he left for Sara. All of them demand a rematch so that he can get his vision back. But it doesn’t end there. Even after the Vision Hunt Decree ended, Itto’s desire for revenge did not. Funnily enough, Sara went from being exasperated with the Oni to admiring him a bit.

Shouta, a child that can be found standing before a small shrine, also happens to know Itto. Apparently, Itto likes playing games with kids like cards and beetle bug fights. Unlike Yoimiya though, someone who is loved by the children, Itto isn’t anyone’s favourite. How can he be when he likes to win games and take Shouta’s snacks as his prize?

Lastly, Itto loves beetles. In fact, he loves them so much that one day he wants to train an Onikabuto to become a warrior. Though the chances of this dream coming true are slim since Onikabuto are known to be peaceful creatures who hate conflict of any kind.

When can we expect to see Arataki Itto?

As of now, while Genshin Impact has revealed Itto’s model, there isn’t any information about his arrival to the game. We do know that he’s somewhere in Inazuma, waiting for his rematch. We can only predict that he’ll arrive in the gacha around 2.3 or 2.4.

One thing is for certain though, no matter when he’s added to the game, he’ll be a fun character to get to know.

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