Everything You Need To Know About Critical Rate / Critical Damage Attribute

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“How does Genshin Impact’s critical hit system work?”

I truly hope that after reading this guide, you can finally understand how critical rate and critical damage works in Genshin Impact.

Critical Rate

Critical Rate refers to “the probability of your attack to deal a critical hit”

Yanfei’s attack here will be an example of triggering a critical hit.

Every character has a 5% Critical Rate attribute by default.
15% Critical Rate (CR for short) means your attack has 15% chance to deliver a critical hit.

If you have 50% CR, that means your attack has 1/2 chance to deliver a critical hit.
If you have 75% CR, that means your attack has 3/4 chance to deliver a critical hit.

You can also reach 100% CR.
And yes, if you reach 100% CR, then all of your attack will always be a critical hit.
You can even reach above 100% CR, but it would be pointless since 100% CR is already a guaranteed critical hit.

Critical Damage

If critical rate is your probability to trigger a critical hit, critical damage refers to “the multiplier that will determine how high your damage will increase”

Every character has a 50% Critical Damage attribute by default.

The formula for Critical Damage (Crit DMG for short) is:
Outgoing Damage x (1 + Crit DMG%)

Outgoing Damage is the damage numbers that you will see when you deliver an attack to the enemies.
Since every character have 50% CDMG by default, that basically means your attack (if it is crit) will be multiplied by x1.5
If your character has 100% CDMG, that means your attack (if crit) will be multiplied by x2.

For example here, Mona has 50% CDMG. Her attack (not crit) is 203.
When she crit, her damage becomes 304 (x1.5 higher).
Because there is no decimal in genshin impact’s damage, the game round it up to 304 instead of 304.5


So, in summary, Critical Rate is your chance to trigger a critical hit.
And Critical Damage is the multiplier that will make your damage higher.

An ideal ratio for Critical Rate : Critical Damage is 1:2
For example, it’s better to aim for 50% CR and 100% CDMG.

Only the circlet (or helm) artifacts have critical rate / critical damage as their main stats.
You can still get critical rate and critical damage substats from every artifact (flower, feather, sands, goblet, circlet).

You can also increase your critical rate / damage temporarily from a food buff.

If you want to check visual demonstration, hopefully this video will help you out
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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but you don’t crit when you have a crit rate over 100%. I had over 130% crit rate and didn’t crit everytime. Then I did some research and it was suggested, that the crit rate is XX% of the 5% base crit rate, so with 130% it’s 11,5% actual crit chance. It’s a bit higher when you have level 90 characters because the base crit rate will level up.