Faruzan Quick TL;DR Support Build Guide

PSA #1: Supports are those background characters in movies that build all the cool tech for DPS to use 🤓

PSA #2: Both Faruzan’s abilities scale off ATK and boy can you provide so much for your Anemo DPS with her…

Elemental Skill – Wind Realm of Nasamjnin

Faruzan places a polyhedron that deal AoE Anemo DMG and enters the Manifest Gale state. This changes the properties of her Charged Shots to deal AoE Anemo DMG!

Faruzan’s Elemental Skill can be explained sort of how Sara Kujou’s E works: it’s a crucial component to her kit, but you only need to really use it once or twice in a given rotation. Here’s the breakdown:

Upon activation, Faruzan will deal AoE Anemo DMG to foes near the polyhedron. This will also imitate the Manifest Gale state for Faruzan, changing how her Charged Shots work. Here’s some general info:

  • E has a CD of 6 seconds
  • Provides Manifest Gale state – has a duration of 18 seconds

You can tell when the Manifest Gale state is active due to the Anemo Triangle that will form on the left of Faruzan (as shown in the right). This state has an 18 second duration or until you expend the Hurricane Arrow.

At C0 it will grant only 1 Triangle, which turns her Charged Shot into a Hurricane Arrow (I have some of her constellations, hence why it shows 2 Triangles).

The Hurricane Arrow shot deals pretty sizeable AoE Anemo DMG upon hitting and also groups up enemies to the center of impact.

This ability in tandem to the Charged Shot is what allows Faruzan to effectively apply her debuffs, which we will go in when discussing her Burst/Ascension Passive.

You can tell when the Charged Shot will be a Hurricane Arrow by either the Anemo Triangle or the unique Triangle shape that forms when your aimed shot is fully charged (as shown on the right)! The shot will also generate 2 Particles that can occur every 5 seconds.

To explain why her E is the core of her kit, I’ll need to further detail her Ascension Passives. However, like mentioned above, it’s due to two main reasons:

  1. Her E into Hurricane Arrow shot allowed for a much more controlled buff/debuff application once you’ve unlocked her Ascension Passives due to it’s grouping AoE
  2. You don’t have to rely on an absurd 80 Energy cost Burst all the time to apply the debuff

Elemental Burst – The Wind’s Secret Ways

Faruzan deploys a polyhedron that deal AoE Anemo DMG and then rotates in a triangle formation. It will release an AoE Anemo pulse when it reaches the corner of the triangle. Also grants Anemo buff/debuffs!

Arguably one of the strongest buffers/debuffers for a mono-element team comp they’ve released thus far, and it’s a 4-star! Faruzan’s Burst effects are definitely what makes her pivotal for any Anemo DPS enjoyers, so here are the details:

Upon activation, Faruzan’s polyhedron will release an AoE Anemo DMG pulse. It will rotate right-to-left in a triangle formation, releasing another pulse whenever it reaches the corner of said triangle. Here are some general details:

  • Costs 80 Energy to use Burst
  • Has a 12 second duration – allows for 6 pulses after initial cast
  • Has a 20 second CD – in other words an 8s downtime
  • Applies Anemo RES debuff + Anemo DMG buff that lasts 4 seconds

After the initial cast, the polyhedron will complete 2 full triangle rotations. This means it will release an Anemo pulse 6 times (2 rotations x 3 corners — cause it’s a triangle…). Another way to understand it is a pulse every 2 seconds.

I will make this big so people see it: Other than the initial cast, the other pulses DO NOT DO DAMAGE OR APPLY ANEMO… Meaning Faruzan has horrible Anemo application…

Faruzan’s Support identity purely revolves around her Burst’s ability to hit enemies with the pulse for the Anemo RES debuff, while also being in range to provide teammates the Anemo DMG buff. You can tell when the Anemo DMG buff is active by triangle shapes appearing around your character (as shown on the right).

Here’s the ups and downs:

  • Both the Anemo buff and debuff last 4 seconds…
  • The 28.8% Anemo DMG buff as long as allies are in range of Q – this isn’t a problem because it’s not the pulse AoE you have to be near, but rather a much larger field. So you don’t have to chase the polyhedron like a rabid dog, you’re 100% guaranteed this buff
  • The 30% Anemo RES debuff applies to enemies that are hit by the Anemo pulses… You can see how this can be a consistency problem as some enemies are extremely mobile or have weird attack patterns…

In all fairness, it’s not that big of an issue. Most enemies that are extremely mobile are usually fairly large, so their frame will get tagged by one of the 6 pulses before they move. Bosses especially aren’t a problem. Keep in mind that the initial cast pulse also applies this debuff!

This is where Faruzan’s E is incredibly helpful, as you can group up foes before you cast Q. This way, all the enemies will in right infront of you when you cast Q, applying the debuff to all of them!

Ascension 1 Passive – Impetuous Flow

Basically lets her charge her Hurricane Arrow faster and apply the debuff from her Burst!

The Ascension 1 Passive for Faruzan is incredibly useful as it allows for a much faster rotation + debuff application. As long as the enemies are hit by the AoE grouping effect, the debuff applies.

As mentioned above, the only small issue with her Burst is that sometimes the debuff pulses can miss enemies — this no longer becomes an issue because when Faruzan groups them up with Hurricane Arrow, it will also apply the 30% Anemo RES debuff on them as well!

While you won’t gain the 28.8% Anemo DMG buff, it’s still much better than waiting for an 80 Energy Burst to apply a giant debuff.

Ascension 4 Passive – Lost Wisdom of the Seven Caverns

Basically further enhances the next Anemo DMG based on Faruzan’s base ATK

Ascension 4 Passive is only active when Faruzan’s Burst is essentially active, since the DMG bonus only occurs when you receive the Anemo DMG buff from her Q.

Essentially, any Anemo DMG that hits an enemy will deal increased damage that’s 32% of Faruzan’s base ATK. This can occur once every 0.8 seconds.

Remember that base ATK is the character’s base ATK + weapon’s base ATK. Sources like the ATK% or flat ATK you receive from artifacts and weapon effects don’t add to this number. Here’s an example:

  • Level 90/90 Faruzan has 196 base ATK
  • Level 90/90 Elegy for the End gives 608 base ATK
  • That means Faruzan will have a total of 804 base ATK, which means the buff will provide a flat 257.28 DMG bonus to the next outgoing Anemo DMG

While it doesn’t seem like much, the flat DMG bonus is added on-top of the outgoing DMG, meaning it’s prior to the damage multiplication from CRIT Values and other buffs in the calculation — or in other words: it’s not a bad DMG buff at all!


While not entirely dependent on her constellations, Faruzan’s ability to Support drastically changes when around C2+ due to increased efficiency and consistency. Thankfully, she is a 4-star with increased drop rate at the moment, so getting her constellations isn’t too bad.

C1 grants another charge to her Hurricane Arrow from her E. While this isn’t a massive bonus, it is nice if you somehow manage to miss or want to group up enemies again.

One thing to note is that when paired with the Ascension 1 Passive, it does give a bit more control on applying the 30% Anemo RES debuff. Since if some enemies weren’t hit by the Burst’s pulses, you can simply use the other charge to tag them real quick!

C2 is where Faruzan begins to gain more efficiency, as it increases the duration of her Burst by 6 seconds.

This is incredibly helpful as it means her burst will now have a duration of 18 seconds — reducing the downtime of her burst to 2 seconds. So if you have a consistent way to generate energy for Faruzan, you’re looking at a much higher uptime on her Burst.

Not to mention it will give her another triangle rotation, adding 3 more pulses to the total count. So rather than 2 triangle rotations for 6 pulses, it’s now 3 triangle rotations for 9 pulses! — meaning more chances to apply that debuff and a longer buff uptime!

C4 serves to alleviate Faruzan massive energy concerns, as landing Hurricane Arrows will restore energy to Faruzan only. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Hitting the AoE grouping from Hurricane Arrow on ANY enemy restores 2 energy
  • Each additional enemy hit will grant 0.5 energy per enemy
  • Cap of 4 energy can be restored per Hurricane Arrow

This means as long as you hit 5 enemies, you can restore the max energy granted from C4. While it doesn’t seem like much, remember that you can 2 Hurricane Arrows from her C1 — meaning 8 energy restored or 10% of her Burst cost!

Nothing too amazing, but definitely helps as her Hurricane Arrows are a natural part of her playstyle anyway.

C6 further enhances Faruzan’s ability to buff Anemo DPS characters, granting them an additional 40% CRIT DMG buff to the next outgoing Anemo DMG.

The only downside is that it works like her Ascension 4 Passive: Faruzan’s Burst must be active and the character must have the Anemo DMG buff applied.

On the plus side, the next outgoing Anemo DMG will also trigger the AoE grouping CC from Hurricane Arrow to the enemy hit, providing some much needed CC for some DPS characters like Heizou before he uses E.

There is a 3 second CD on this effect, and it’s shared among all characters… So that is the only real downside…

Talent Leveling Order: Q > E > NA (don’t really have to level NA unless you want Hurricane Arrow to deal more DMG?)

WEAPON #1 (Recommended for best Support): Elegy for the End

How do I get it D: ? – It’s time to roll boys (gacha)

Has base ER% scaling and provides entire team a bunch of EM and ATK!

Elegy for the End is arguably Faruzan’s BiS weapon for three reasons: insanely high base ATK, much needed ER%, and the buffs it provides. As mentioned above for her Ascension 4 Passive, Faruzan’s DMG buff for the next outgoing Anemo DMG is based off her base ATK. Elegy for the End has one of the highest base ATK stats among Bows, but it’s value is even further improved by the 55.1% ER it provides. Faruzan’s 80 energy Burst is one of her major flaws, and Elegy serves to assist with that problem immensely. Last pro being the increase in EM and ATK for the entire party. While she does not consistently apply Anemo herself, the 160 EM she gains (as well as the 100 EM she provides her team) is substantial when it Swirls. Not to mention the 20% ATK buff the entire party gains further enhances total DPS.

Other than that, any other 5-star bow sort of pales in comparison. The only notable recognition being for Skyward Harp due to it having the highest base ATK of 674. However, the weapon effect and CRIT% aren’t really that valuable for Faruzan. If you don’t have Elegy for the End, feel free to use any of the other 5-star Bows as a placeholder — mainly for the base ATK

WEAPON #2 (Recommended for 4-star Support): Favonius Warbow

How do I get it D: ? – It’s time to roll boys (gacha)

Has base ER% scaling and provides a lot of necessary energy!

Favonius Warbow is an obvious pick among 4-star Bows for the insane energy utility it grants Faruzan. As mentioned frequently, her only massive flaw is the 80 energy Burst — Favonius Warbow can help alleviate this problem massively. Not only does it provide 61.3% ER at max level, but the 6 Energy it can provide every 6 seconds helps immensely. Just remember to get at least 50% CRIT Rate for Faruzan to consistently proc the weapon effect!

Sacrifical Bow is a close contender as it also provides some ER% (30.6%), which is less than Favonius but it has more base ATK (565 vs 454). Is this a significant enough difference to value it over Favonius = No. While it may help boost her Ascension 4 Passive buff a tiny bit more, the high energy generation granted by Favonius far outweighs the value. It is nice to have her E CD refreshed, but it’s a measly 6s CD… not very impactful.

Other than that, the only other weapon worth mentioning is the event Bow from 2.7 Fading Twilight. It’s provides the same base stats as Sacrificial (565 base ATK and 30.6% ER), but the weapon effect provides a slowly scaling DMG buff of 12%/20%/28% every 7 seconds. Not the worst thing, but also necessarily a focal point for Faruzan’s kit and gameplay.

ARTIFACTS (Recommended for best buffs): Noblesse Oblige

How do I get it D: ? – Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern Domain (AR 35 Locked, 20 Resin per run)

Boosts Burst DMG and provides a team wide ATK buff!

4x Noblesse Oblige is recommended for Faruzan over 4x Viridescent for two reasons: ease of use and inconsistent Anemo application. The 2x bonus isn’t all that great for Faruzan (unless you’re a madlad and run her burst DPS for some odd reason), but the 4x bonus turns Faruzan into an even stronger Support buffer with the 20% ATK buff. Viridescent Venerer does provide Anemo DMG, Swirl DMG, and infused-elemental RES debuff — except other than her E’s Hurricane Arrow and her initial Q cast she has no other consistent way to apply Anemo…

The only time 4x Viridescent may be recommended is if there’s another character already running 4x Noblesse. However, the better option then would be a mix of 2x Emblem (20% ER) + 2x another set. What other 2x artifacts you run is up to you — if you want more DMG, run 2x Viridescent or 2x Gladiator’s etc… Trust me, running 4x Viridescent means you need to constantly swap back to Faruzan to apply E/Hurricane Arrow, and that playstyle is both annoying and inefficient…

Early/newer players can run 2x Exile + 2x Scholars for a 40% ER boost for Faruzan. Really you just want to focus on getting her Burst out at early levels.

Main stats:

ER (up to 180%+)Anemo DMG%CRIT% or CRIT DMG

Substats: ER > CRIT Values > ATK%/flat ATK > EM

If you want other characters let me know. Hope this helped. Bye.


I spend too much time filling out spreadsheets for incoherent data, but at least I can turn them into guides :P

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  1. I want her C6 so much, but after 180 pulls, only got C2 Faruzan 😭 I don’t dare to pull anymore bc want to save primos for the next 5-star character…

  2. Let’s say you’re a fishing enthusiast and have R5 End of the Line leveled up. How does it stack up against R5 Fading Twilight?

    • Hello fellow grandmaster fisherman 🎣
      I would still lean towards R5 Fading Twilight for 2 reasons: higher base ATK (stronger A4 Passive buff) and “technically” higher DPS theory.
      So in a long fight (like bosses), Faruzan will be able to technically stack up to the 3rd Fading Twilight stack (28% DMG bonus) — however Faruzan only has 3 instances of DMG: her initial E cast, charged shot, and initial Q cast.

      And since you’re not really going to be swapping to her every 7s to move up to the next DMG bonus, you’re more likely to only stay around that 20% DMG bonus stage.

      TL;DR response: R5 Fading Twilight > R5 End of the Line cause it’s more DMG buff + DMG overall