Faruzan Talents and Skills Explained

Planning to pull for Faruzan? Here's a brief explanation of her talents so you can understand her and her kit better!

Genshin Impact may post this announcement late, but better late than never right? So, we will learn about a new 4-star character, Faruzan! Apparently, she is a researcher from ‘one hundred years ago,’ that’s why she enjoys self-identifying as everyone’s senior, and has significant knowledge of ancient scripts and machines of all kinds. By the way, you can find her ascension and talents materials here~

Normal Attack: Parthian Shot

Normal Attack: Good ol’ performing up to 4 consecutive shots with a bow. Nothing special at all.

Charged Attack: Performs a more precise Aimed Shot with increased damage. While aiming, mighty winds will accumulate on the arrowhead. A fully charged wind arrow will deal Anemo damage. Another skill that does not have anything special. But! There is a unique skill for Faruzan’s Charged Attack after casting Elemental Skill which will be discussed below.

Elemental Skill: Wind Realm of Nasamjnin

Tap E to cast Elemental Skill (No difference in holding). Faruzan deploys a polyhedron that deals AoE Anemo damage to nearby opponents. She will also enter the Manifest Gale state.

While in the Manifest Gale state, Faruzan’s next fully charged shot will consume this state and will become a Hurricane Arrow that contains high-pressure currents. This arrow deals Anemo damage based on the damage of a fully charged Aimed Shot from her Normal Attack. Since it said ‘the next fully charged shot,’ you can assume that it will only work once for every Manifest Gale state.

In simpler terms, once Faruzan cast her Elemental Skill, her next Charged Attack will do a special attack called Hurrican Arrow, dealing Anemo damage and gathering small enemies in a small AoE. If you didn’t use her Charged Attack after the Elemental Skill, you would waste the Hurricane Arrow. But not to worry as the Manifest Gale state has quite a long duration. I would recommend at least using that one Hurricane Arrow because not only it can gather enemies (albeit weak pull compared to other Anemo Crowd-Control), but also generates Particles which Faruzan really needs for her Elemental Burst.

Pressurized Collapse

The Hurricane Arrow will apply a Pressurized Collapse effect to the opponent or character hit. This effect will be removed after a short delay, creating a vortex that deals AoE Anemo damage and pulls nearby objects and opponents in. If the Hurricane Arrow does not hit any opponents or characters, it will create a Pressurize Collapse effect at its point of impact. The vortex is considered Elemental Skill damage.

Elemental Burst: The Wind’s Secret Ways

Faruzan deploys a Dazzling Polyhedron that unleashes a Whirlwind Pulse and deals AoE Anemo damage. While the Dazzling Polyhedron persists, it will continuously move along a triangular path. Once it reaches a corner of that triangular path, it will unleash 1 more Whirlwind Pulse.

Whirlwind Pulse

When the Whirlwind Pulse is unleashed, it will apply Perfidious Wind’s Bale to nearby opponents, decreasing their Anemo RES. The Whirlwind Pulse will also apply Prayerful Wind’s Benefit to all nearby party members when it is unleashed, granting them an Anemo DMG Bonus.

Now this is her bread and butter. Obviously, she is a support character who can increase Anemo DMG dealt by party members and decrease enemies’ Anemo RES. If she is equipped with Viridescent Venerer, she will shred lots and lots of Anemo RES from enemies. From the previous live stream, the guest had said that the AoE for the Perfidious Wind’s Bale and Prayerful Wind’s Benefit is very big, so you don’t have to chase after the Whirlwind Pulse!

Faruzan will be available in Genshin Impact on December 7 after the maintenance update is completed! Want to know how many Primogems you can obtain in the next update? Click here for the calculations!


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