Fishing Guide: Where To Farm And Which Bait To Use

I’ll get straight to it (sorry for the delay, had power outage from hurricane)!

2.1 introduced the fishing experience, where players can visit certain fishing holes and catch some fish! If you’re looking to get the new 4-star Polearm weapon, “The Catch,” then get ready to fish 🐟!

The Fish and Bait

There are 5 types of fish:

  1. Butterfly
  2. Koi
  3. Medaka
  4. Pufferfish
  5. Sticklebacks

Each type of fish requires their corresponding bait. You can get bait from Nantuck, the guy who gave you the quest outside Mondstadt, paying 3 red Medaka fish per bait.

Using the wrong type of bait will not work at all, and they’ll just ignore you. Certain fish will also only spawn during day or night (I’ve marked them using a sun and moon icon), so make sure to use the appropriate time. Day is 6:00-18:00, Night is 18:00-6:00!

Below will show which types of fish require which bait:

Fruit Paste Bait – Medaka Fish

Medaka Fish!

Redrot Bait – Stickleback Fish

Stickleback Fish!

Fake Worm Bait – Butterfly Fish

Butterfly Fish!

Fake Fly Bait – Koi and Pufferfish

Koi and Pufferfish share the same bait!

Fishing Locations

There’s a ton of fishing locations, and to simplify it I’ll just split it up into the 3 regions: Mondstadt, Liyue (+Dragonspine), and Inazuma!

I’ve also marked where each of the Fishing Association Members are located in each region as well (with their icon!)

Mondstadt Fishing Locations

Liyue + Dragonspine Fishing Locations:

Keep in mind that the Dragonspine fishing location is currently the only location where you can catch Snowstrider Sticklebacks

Inazuma Fishing Locations:

Other than that, enjoy fishing! Just make sure to craft enough bait and to visit each location every day. Some fishing locations can have more than 4-5 fish (most I’ve caught was 8 fish in one spot), so just be diligent!

Hope everyone has fun fishing! The Raiden Shogun and Aloy guide will be out tomorrow!


I spend too much time filling out spreadsheets for incoherent data, but at least I can turn them into guides :P

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