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In this quest, you will have the ability to talk to a cat and dog, fulfilling their wishes so you can be friends with Penny; a lonely girl. The quest itself is not that long, but there will be a continuation after that where you need to search for treasure maps and treasure chests.

Quest Side

➥ Teleport to the waypoint southeast of Opera Epiclese and head to the shore (towards the waverider waypoint) and you will see the quest icon on top of a little girl. After that, keep following the quest navigation because there are no puzzles yet, and only full of dialogues.

➥ When it’s time to go underwater and see the “Children,” the said children are actually a school of red fish inside a huge shell. Just follow the navigation until you reach a huge shell that doesn’t have the red fish but Fatui insignia inside it. Return to Penny and talk to her about it.

➥ Once again, you need to enter underwater and follow the red fishes. The first puzzle here is, the fishes will be stuck inside rocks and you need to save them. The said rock is on your left (use Elemental Sight to see the breakable rock) and there is a Pneumousia Relay just beside it. Near that huge breakable rock is a shipwreck with a cannon on top of it. That cannon will aim at you so float in front of the rock so the cannon will blow it away.

➥ The second puzzle here is to save “Bighead,” which I’m assuming is a jellyfish. It’s a simple one where you need to use Hunter’s Ray ability to cut the Fontemer Seagrass. These are the special Seagrass where you need to cut all the weak points at the same time, so get the right angle before using the ability.

➥ The third puzzle here is to capture “Lil’ Rascal,” a school of blue fishes. You need to capture them 3 times (inside the marked yellow circle) to complete this task.

➥ The last puzzle is to save “Scaredy-Cat,” a school of pink fishes inside a wrecked ship. Go to the side of the ship and you will see a breakable rock with Hydro explosives just above it (use Elemental Sight if you can’t spot it). Use any ability you have to make the bomb explode and create an opening through the breakable rock before. Interact with the fishes inside and you can even open the door through the switch inside it.

➥ After you return to Penny, you will enter the water again but this time you only need to swim through the flow and you will finish the quest.


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