Gazing Three Thousand Miles Away World Quest and Hidden Achievement Guide

Left alone on Yashiori Island surrounded by the malevolent energy of the Tatarigami and war, a young kid, Chouji, will turn to you for help.

Like many of Inazuma’s World Quests, this seemingly straightforward search-and-grab will actually take you two real days to complete.

Furthermore, there are zero indicators after the first part ends that shows there comes another. As a result, it’s too easy to miss out on the rest of the story and rewards, including an Achievement.

This, of course, is a great big shame and the reason this guide exists!

So without further ado, here is the complete walk-through of the world quest: Gazing Three Thousand Miles Away.

Triggering the Quest

Find Chouji near the top of the Jakotsu Mine marked below.

If you enter from the Teleport Waypoint to the South, you’ll have to climb up the walls to reach him. Instead, glide down from the Waypoint closest to the Maguu Kenki.

This will be the easiest route in returning from the future tasks ahead.

Talk to Chouji. He’ll attempt to sell you ore for a mind-boggling amount of Mora.

After you call him out, he’ll insist that it’s necessary due to the great change brought on by the Tatarigami and Shogunate conflict. With the numerous issues brought on by the shutdown of the Jakotsu Mine, it’s been difficult collecting the crystal marrow he needs.

Promising treasure, he convinces you to find 12 pieces in exchange for its location.

Finding Crystal Marrow

There’s a good variety of locations to pull marrow from. Open your map and take a look at Yashiori Island.

Yashiori Island

The skeletal remains of a large serpent weave across the land.

Crystal marrow will always be found on the bones. Climb and search the structures thoroughly to collect them all. Don’t forget their bases.

East and West of Serpent’s Head
Fort Fujitou

Additionally, on Tatarasuna, if you run through the bottom of Mikage Furnace, you’ll come across marrow in the rocks of the wall on both sides.

Beneath Mikage Furnace

As you’ll need to collect crystal marrow more than once in this quest, it’s a good idea to harvest as many pieces as you can before returning to Chouji.

Getting Conned

After Chouji receives your 12 pieces, he’ll direct you to the treasure hidden near this cliff wall.

Congrats! You’ve got a radish and an apple for all your labor! The treasure was a lie. Go back and confront Chouji.

He’ll confess:

Together with Paimon you give him a lecture on cheating others. So long as he quits manipulating others, you’ll lend him the help he needs.

Afterwards, the quest asks you to come back between 11:00 – 14:00 the next day in-game.

More Marrow and a Recipe

Speak with Chouji at the designated time.

Sharing further about the troubles brought on by the mine and war, he’ll ask you to bring him 12 pieces of marrow again. Should you have spare crystal marrow from before, simply give it to him when the dialogue ends.

On the other hand, search the same locations if you ran out.

This time when you give Chouji the crystals, he’ll open up and admit the real reason he’s been selling expensive ore.

Everyone either grew sick from the Tartarigami Energy or departed from the island- essentially leaving him behind.

Asking about his parents will cause him to change the subject and invite you to his home instead as thanks. It’s not too far away. A little ways up and behind where you’re standing.

As a guest, Chouji will try and cook you a meal. However, ingredients are severely lacking. Bring him:

  • 4 Fowl
  • 2 Bird Eggs
  • 2 Bags of Flour

Demonstrating the recipe himself, Chouji will then reveal it was taught to him by his mother. Following your talk, you gain the Imported Poultry Recipe for permanent use.

Cook the dish yourself and present him with the result.

The Shrine

Chouji will open up entirely about his mom, dad and a man named, Washizu.

You learn Washizu had built shrines in the area to appease the Serpent’s ‘soul’. But when an influx of Tartarigami energy emerged, the man grew crazy- as did his offerings to the shrines.

Adults who noticed the change in behavior started going missing.

Correspondingly, Chouji notes that his mother used to pray at one of the shrines for him and his dad. His dad passed away but Chouji explains both him and his mom didn’t really believe it was true.

Consequentially, Chouji assumes his mom’s disappearance is because she’s looking for his dad.

Hoping she might have left him a note at the shrine (but being too scared to look himself) Chouji will ask you to go in his place.

The shrine is right next to the house on the right.

Touch the Electrogranum then pass through the shrine. You’ll find nothing there.

Return to Chouji with the unfortunate news.

Chouji will accept it, and though you offer to aid him further, he will decline. Maintaining the mindset that he must continue to be an ‘adult’, the kid will wish you a safe journey and ask for help no more.

With a somewhat somber ending that continues to leave Chouji alone and his fate uncertain, the quest will appear to come to a close.

However it does not.

Gazing Three Thousand Miles Away: Hidden End

The second half of the quest is relatively easy to complete, but can only be done after server reset the next day. To start:

Visit Chouji in front his house.

Checking up on him will result in Chouji requesting of you 12 pieces of crystal marrow.

He divulges that his purpose in getting the marrow is no longer just about getting off the island. He wants to use them as treatment to cure his mom and dad of the sickness caused by the Tatarigami.

If and when he finds his parents- that is.

Go and find the 12 crystals or give him any extra you had from the previous times before.

Once you do, Chouji thanks you and shares his plans to look for his mom himself – and later go to Narukumi Island- so that they might catch a boat together.

He hopes they can sail to Sumeru and find a cure for the sickness there.

When the dialogue finishes, there will, again, be no indicator of the quest continuing.

However, travel to Tatarasuna. You can find Chouji here:

Tatarasuna Island
In Front Mikage Furnace

An Exquisite Chest will be beside him. It’s yours to open so go ahead.

When you speak with Chouji and ask how his travels have been, he will confess that he hasn’t had luck finding his mom. You and Paimon tell him you’ll help keep an eye out for her.

Thanking you, Chouji will leave for Narukumi Island next.

His final location will be at this mark:

The Achievement: …And I Would Walk 3,000 More

Upon meeting Chouji in this last encounter, he’ll be in front a shrine with another Exquisite Chest at his side. Once more, this is yours.

Have a conversation with Chouji about how the city is for him thus far.

After sharing an opinion on the Electro Archon, Baal, and admitting his uncertainty and dislike of Inazuma City, Chouji will ask you whether you’ve heard news of his mom.

Regrettably you answer you’re still trying.

You leave him in Inazuma City so that he might continue to search for his mom. In truth, the conclusion of her whereabouts and the whereabouts of his dad seem grim.

And this is how the quest ends.

As to what will happen to Chouji- we just don’t know.

On the bright side, you’ve gotten yourself the Hidden Achievement: And I Would Walk 3,000 More.

Here’s to hoping ourselves Chouji will get a moderately happy end should we meet again!

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