Genius Invokation TCG: Best Decks and Deck Building Guides

This guide will be full of example decks you can use and want to try in any duel of TCG!

You’re still here after my previous guides? I appreciate it, thank you! On to the fourth guide for the TCG series. You can check the full series here Genius Invokation TCG Masterlist.

How to Edit Your Deck?

➥ Open your Casket of Tomes from the Inventory under Gadget to edit a deck. A valid deck needs to have 3 Character Cards and 30 Action Cards. You can’t enter any duel with an incomplete deck.

➥ You need to select a set of appropriate Character and Action Cards to form an effective deck. At the press of a button (or you can just drag the cards), you can edit your deck. If you didn’t meet the requirements of 3 Characters and 30 Action Cards, the Casket of Tomes would hint as such to you with a tiny exclamation mark on top.

➥ When picking Character Cards, their order in the deck matters! For instances like using Action Card ‘When the Crane Returned’ and or if your character got hit by Overload – you will be automatically switched to a ‘next’ character which will be the one on the right. If there are no characters on the right, next go left-most( 1->2->3->1). It’s an important aspect to consider when building a deck to face specific opposing teams/ for your quick swap.

Example Decks

➥ If it isn’t obvious enough, you really need to use elemental reactions to defeat your opponents fast. This is just like making team composition in open-world combat, but this time you only need 3 characters. I can’t really provide that much help for Action Cards because you need to choose 30 of them, and it’s hard to explain every Action Card hehe.

➥ So in turn, I will provide some example decks! You can share yours in the comment section and the reason why it’s good and I will add it to this post~ The following teams are in no particular order!

1) Jadeplume Terrorshroom | Collei | Keqing

➥ Aggravate and Spread team! This is purely my opinion, but Keqing is one of the best Character Cards because her Elemental Skill can create an Action Card on the spot and her Elemental Burst can hit every single character on your opponent’s side. Collei and Jadeplume will help trigger Dendro on the opponent’s Active Character. In addition, these two only need 2 Energy Cost so you can use their Burst much faster and cheaper.

2) Diluc | Razor | Xiangling

Overload is really strong, although it comes with a price. If your opponent got hit by Overload, they will automatically switch to the right card as the active character. This can result in either a good or bad route. If they don’t have the Dices for their new active character, then they either need to use Action Cards to use Elemental Tuning or end their Round. But if they have good Dice, then hopefully your active character can tank up the incoming attacks.

➥ Xiangling’s Elemental Skill is good at applying Pyro with Guoba when the round end. You can switch to Razor before ending your round, and once the opponents are inflicted with Pyro, you can trigger Overload in the next round (Hopefully you’re the first one to start the round so the enemy won’t have the chance to change active character). Or you can use Razor to inflict Electro and switch to Diluc for Pyro.

3) Keqing | Ganyu | Xiangling

➥ You can trigger reactions easily with 3 different elements. I want to stress that Ganyu’s Piercing Damage from Normal DMG is useful against shields cause it can still pierce through an opponent’s shield and deal damage. In addition, it attacks all opposing characters on standby. But the thing is this Normal Attack is very expensive for 5 Dice, so you need to pay attention to your Dice when first starting the round, pray you got lots of luck or you gonna need to sacrifice lots of Action Cards to convert Dice to Cryo.

4) Diluc | Kaeya | Fischl

➥ This is the usual starter team as you can get these Character Cards after finishing the Beginner’s Tutorial with Prince. Some may think starter characters suck, but these three have quite a great combination. It is similar to the team I mentioned before with 3 different elements. Ganyu is replaced with Fischl because her Elemental Burst will also deal Piercing Damage to all opposing characters on standby. The difference is that Fischl deals more Electro Damage with the cost of higher Energy cost.

Diluc and Fischl are also a great combination because once Oz inflicts Electro on an enemy at the end of each round, you can switch to Diluc beforehand and can trigger Overload!

5) Kaeya | Bennett | Mona

➥ Mona is by far my favorite Hydro character because her passive skill is extremely useful! When you switch the active character from Mona to someone else, it will be considered Fast Action instead of Combat Action. This way, you can instantly freeze your enemy in two turns if the opponent didn’t switch their active character.

For example: Use Mona Elemental Skill to inflict Hydro > Enemy’s Turn (Let’s pray they didn’t change active character) > Switch to Kaeya & Use Elemental Skill to Freeze.

➥ What’s great about Kaeya is that when he is equipped with his Talent Card, he can heal himself by using his Elemental Skill. Although he can only heal himself once per round, it’s effective in keeping him alive without the help of other healers or Action Cards.

6) Ayaka | Keqing | Mona

➥ This is my favorite team because I can trigger Freeze and Electro-Charged. I would start off with Mona and her Elemental Skill to inflict Hydro, then either choose Ayaka or Keqing, depending on which Dice I have. Usually, I choose Keqing to stack up her Energy as fast as I can. Then, before I use her Burst, I would make sure to inflict enemies with either Cryo or Electro as it can their reactions plus Electro can create AoE damage.

7) Ayaka | Chongyun | Xingqiu

➥ Freeze team goes brr. Even in TCG, Xingqiu still proves to be a supporting character through and through. Unfortunately, he got quite a shortcoming in his Skill and Burst. The thing is, every time he uses Elemental Skill or Burst, he will apply Hydro to himself. So if he is inflicted with another element before or after casting, it is dangerous for your team. However, his Elemental Skill is a great shield and his Elemental Burst is still useful for triggering elemental reactions for characters that use Normal Attack like Yoimiya!

➥ With Chongyun here, his Elemental Skill can convert every melee active character’s Physical Attack to Cryo. So with the combination of Xingqiu’s Burst and Chongyun’s Skill, the opponent will be frozen mercilessly.

8) Ayaka | Yoimiya | Xingqiu

➥ I stand by my opinion that Xingqiu and Yoimiya duo is a dangerous combination. Sure, Yoimiya has another shortcoming where her Elemental Skill does not provide any Energy, but once she activates it, her Normal Attack will be converted to Pyro. Then, once she uses Normal Attack (or Burst) after Xingqiu cast his Elemental Burst, these two will constantly create reactions with Yoimiya’s Normal Attack alone, and that is terrifying.

9) Diluc | Fischl | Sucrose

➥ Sucrose’s Elemental Skill also changes the active enemy, but the unique thing is she changes to the previous character. Having her in the same team as Fischl and Diluc caused some really funny shuffling interaction and dealing AoE DMG since she can also trigger swirl and causes overload to happen even if Pyro and Electro are on two different enemies. Actually got 3 enemies killed in the same round thanks to that.

10) Fischl | Ganyu | Sucrose

➥ I usually start with a Fischl Elemental Skill then swap to Ganyu. The main point of this deck is stacking Ganyu’s AoE DMG with her Frostbloom arrow. It does 2 DMG to everyone without any buffs (so 6 DMG total) +1 from her unique card and +1 more from superconduct and you get 4 AoE DMG (12 total) per shot. Sucrose also helps with AoE dmg by swirling but I don’t usually get to use her. Ganyu’s skill provides a shield and with Blizzard Strayer, it isn’t hard to get enough cryo to Frostbloom every round. Plus Ganyu ult is an AoE 1 DMG per round that goes up to 2 with Superconduct from Oz.

11) Xiangling | Keqing | Bennett

➥ I play a rushdown style with lots of support and food with minimal equipment. The most important cards in the deck are switch cards to keep the tempo and keep Overloading. Teamaster Liu Siu is a better card for energy generation for this deck instead of Storyteller, because switching is the main idea. Calx’s Arts are your best friends and fantastic for energy.

➥ The idea is to start with Xiangling and summon Guoba/Pyronado, then with a switch card/Katherine to Keqing for a quick possible overload next round. Need Damage over time? Just summon Pyronado. Need heals/buffs? Start Benny at the point instead. Need a quick finisher? Use Keqing at the point and use her skill as early as possible to catch the opponent at a bad time late game. And when you get the fervent flames card mid-game, it’s simply a chef’s kiss in card form. I highly recommend this deck to fans of quick switch comps in Genshin and the TCG.

12) Ganyu | Fischl | Xiangling

➥ I use Ganyu/Fischl/Xiangling to create a semi-meme summoners deck because they all can summon something. The way it works is I start with either Fischl or Xiangling and try to summon Oz and Guoba asap, then use Ganyu to spam her AoE or burst when available. This is great because at the end of every turn the opponent’s active character is guaranteed to get Overloaded with the Guoba+Oz combo (4+ DMG) and will get switched to the next char with ideally more HP, then Ganyu AoE will deal maximum value (high multi-kill potential).

➥ The best case would be if for example the enemy is affected with Pyro at the end of the turn and the summon goes Oz -> Guoba or Electro then Guoba -> Oz because it will trigger Overload, then apply a new element to the next opponent which will also get triggered by Ganyu’s AoE (Melt or Superconduct).

13) Noelle | Xingqiu | Ningguang

➥ Noelle, Xingqiu, and Ningguang make for an extremely tanky team. Starting off with Noelle and her shield leading into Xingqiu’s burst with 2 options to go from there. The first option is back to Noelle and her shield for a little bit of healing on the side. The second option was over to Ningguang to set her up for one of if not the highest single target damage, her burst with Jade Screen deployed being 9 damage.

➥ If you’ve grabbed the Geo Resonance cards the shields become even stronger. Other ideal cards are either Jade Chamber or Favonius Library solving a lot of your energy requirements although having both is redundant and there are several good cards to choose from that would be better to use.

This is the end of the TCG guide series (for now). I may make new guides for TCG if I have time~ You can check all the guides here
>>Genius Invokation TCG Masterlist<<

There are many more Character Cards that I didn’t mention here because lack the time to research and play all of them. So if you have any great deck, please do share it in the comment along with the reason so I can add it to the post!


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