Genius Invokation TCG: Player Level and Challenge Guides

This is the second guide and it will explain all you need to know about Player Level, Challenges available, and how to collect Character Cards.

This is the second guide for the TCG series. I hope you play the Beginner’s Tutorial quest first so you can understand much easier. You can access other guides for TCG here Genius Invokation TCG Masterlist.

Player Level

➥ Let’s be real, this is the thing you wait for the most, level rewards with Primogems! You need to increase your Player Level to obtain Primogems, more shop items, and other rewards related to TCG! How to gain Player EXP?

➥ You can get it by completing various duels against NPCs (Open World & Weekly Challenge) in your open world to increase your Player Level and get the corresponding rewards. Only the NPCs okay! You won’t get any Player Level when dueling in Co-Op mode.

1) Open World Matches

➥ Once you’ve completed the Beginner’s Tutorial quest at The Cat’s Tail with Prince, you will receive a Casket of Tomes (in your Inventory under the Gadget tab). Tap on ‘Search for Player’ to mark players who can be challenged on the map.

➥ Remember that these NPCs are locked behind Player Level. For example, in Level 1, you can only challenge 4 NPCs. Once you enter Level 2, another set of NPCs will be unlocked and you can then challenge them for more Player EXP.

➥ The challenges for this open-world match are divided into two levels of difficulties: Adventure Challenge and Duel. However, not all NPCs have both modes! All NPCs will have Adventure Challenge, but only some of them have Duel.

  • Adventure Challenge: Easy mode, grants you Player EXP & Lucky Coins, and some opponents will gift you cards if you complete the challenge objectives.
  • Duel: Hard mode, will only grant you Player EXP.

2) Weekly Guest Challenges

➥ You must reach Player Level 2 to unlock this challenge (Complete the available open-world matches to reach Level 2). Each week, a maximum of 4 guests will visit The Cat’s Tail. Defeat them in duels to obtain Player EXP. Guests who have already arrived this week will leave on the second week whether you’d defeat them or not! You can check the guest list from your TCG Player’s Manual.

Ascension Challenge

➥ You can talk to Prince to check your current Player Level and how many more EXP you need to reach the next level. Yes, that’s the only way to check and it’s annoying but we can only hope they will add other options to check our level.

➥ You will receive Ascension Challenges once you reach certain Player Levels and have the required EXP to level up (Level 2, Level 4, Level 6, and Level 9). You can only further raise your Player Level cap by successfully completing Ascension Challenges with Prince at The Cat’s Tail.

Collect Character Cards!

➥ This is my favorite part, completing challenges to collect Character Cards~ There are 2 types of challenges you can do:

1) Character Invitations

➥ Go to the invitation board near Prince in The Cat’s Tail to send invitations to the listed characters to partake in duel matches. These matches are divided into two levels of difficulty: Friendly Fracas and Serious Showdown.

  • Friendly Fracas: Easy mode, and once you complete all challenge objectives, you will earn Character and Talent Cards.
  • Serious Showdown (Unlocked after Player Level 7): Hard Mode, for fun only, no other rewards.

➥ When you invite a character, you must use a Match Invitation Letter, which is limited at the time! You can obtain these letters by increasing your Player, completing quests, and purchasing them from the Card Shop. In short, make sure to choose the Character Card you want the most first to make use of the early Match Invitation Letter.

For example: If you choose Ganyu and win against her while completing all challenge objectives, you will get her Character and Talent Card.

2) Tavern Challenges

➥ Once your Player Level reaches a specific level, you can go seek out Prince at The Cat’s Tail to partake in Tavern Challenges and gain Character Cards that feature monsters/enemies in the open world! You can see the Player Level below and what enemy will it unlock:

  • Level 3: Oceanid
  • Level 4: Fatui Pyro Agent
  • Level 5: Mirror Maiden
  • Level 6: Stonehide Lawachurl
  • Level 7: Maguu Kenki
  • Level 8: Jadeplume Terrorshroom

➥ Similar to Character Invitations, these matches are divided into two levels of difficulty: Friendly Fracas and Serious Showdown.

  • Friendly Fracas: Easy mode, and once you complete all challenge objectives, you will earn Character and Talent Cards.
  • Serious Showdown (Unlock after certain Player Level): Hard Mode, for fun only, no other rewards.

Co-Op Mode

➥ If you have friends which I don’t, you can use the invitation board and connect with your friend via Co-Op mode to engage in matchmaking. Then, once you reach Player Level 4, you will unlock matchmaking mode to fight strangers! In other words, there are 2 Co-Op options:

  1. Invite Teammate: Invite the current player in your world to play against you (Not locked by Player Level).
  2. Match: Find a random person to play with (Must reach Player Level 4).

➥ In Co-Op mode or matching mode, there is a time limit for performing actions in each phase of the duel. When time runs out, the end of the phase or Round will be automatically declared.

TCG Player’s Manual

➥ After completing the beginner’s tutorial quest from Prince at The Cat’s Tail, you will unlock the TCG Player’s Manual. Complete the quests in the TCG Player’s Manual to earn rewards such as Primogems, Lucky Coins, and Action Cards!

Card Shop & Lucky Coins

➥ Ok, so you had gained Lucky Coins along with Player EXP by completing challenges. Those coins can be used to purchase cards, card backs, and Dynamic Skins, amongst other items from the Card Shop by talking to Prince at The Cat’s Tail. However, you need to reach Player Level 5 to purchase Dynamic Skins, so good luck with farming those EXP!

➥ Any other methods to gain Lucky Coins? Currently, the only known method to gain those currencies are by:

  1. Completing open-world matches
  2. Weekly guest challenges
  3. Quests in the TCG Player’s Manual.

Alright, that’s a load of information already. Time to take a break for you all. If you’re willing to know more, you can check out the collection here for the next guide!
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If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment.


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