Genshin Impact 2.4 Overview

With the end of the year arriving, it is now time for the Genshin Impact 2.4 version live stream. During this stream, travellers are introduced to the various events and characters that will be introduced in the game to build up anticipation. Unfortunately, since the live stream runs for at least an hour, given their timezone and responsibilities, not everyone can watch it.

If you’re someone who might have to miss out on the live stream because of work or school, read this article to catch up on the details easily.

Livestream Redemption Codes

The following are three redemption codes that were made available during the live stream:


2.4 Banners

Version 2.4 will see the return of the double banner system. The first phase will see the following two banners:

  • Shenhe – The Transcendent One Returns
  • Xiao – Invitation to Mundane Life

During The Transcendent One Returns, the much-awaited 4-star, Yunjin, will also have a rate up. The details for the other 4-stars are currently unknown.

The second half of 2.4 will see reruns for two beloved characters:

  • Zhongli – Gentry of Hermitage
  • Ganyu – Adrift in the Harbor

2.4 Lantern Rites Events

As Travellers return to the Lantern Rite’s festival, they’ll have the opportunity to take part in countless events. Some of them will be new while others will see another run of beloved games.

  • Fireworks Event
    During this event, travellers will have the opportunity to craft different kinds of fireworks, each with their own effect.
  • Lantern Riddles
    This is a new version of the riddle event from the first Lantern Rites festival. Travellers will have to use shadows to put together an image. Once that is done, locations for treasures will be revealed to them where they’ll have to face challenges. These can either be on land or on water using the waverider.
  • Oceanic Defender
    This event will bring back a foe from one of the earlier updates of the game: Osial. Travellers will have to fight against him to earn various rewards.
  • A Study in Potions
    For this new event, travellers will be given different potions to try out during battles. Each potion has a different effect that can be tested through domain fights.
  • Eight Locales Over Mountains and Seas
    Help Ioroi by taking his Bake-danuki throughout Teyvat so that they may gain experience. As they explore this new world, remember to take images to earn rewards.
  • Windtrace Event
    The Lantern Rite’s Festival will see the return of everyone’s favorite game, Windtrace. With new maps and hiding possibilities, travellers are bound to love this new version as much as the last.
  • Prosperous Partnership
    Rerun of the previous reward event that gave traveller’s the chance to obtain a free 4-star. During this event, travellers can invite one of the following characters:
    • Xingqiu
    • Chongyun
    • Xiangling
    • Xinyan
    • Ningguang
    • Beidou
    • Yanfei
    • Yunjin

Other Additions

Apart from the various events, 2.4 will also see the arrival of new hangout events and skins.

  • Two new characters skins will be released in 2.4 for Keqing and Ningguang. While Keqing’s skin will be sold at a discount, Ningguang’s will be available for free for the duration of the update.
  • New hangout events will be added for Ningguang and the new 4-star character, Yunjin.
  • Daily log-in reward event to return. Travellers will additionally also receive 10 Intertwined Fates.
  • Addition of a new region: Enkanomiya
  • Addition of two new bosses: New Hydo Geovishap species and Pryo Abyss Lector

These are all the details available about the new update. As we get closer to 2.4, surely more new things will come to light!

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