Genshin Impact 3.5 Livestream Countdown

Confused about when the live stream starts? Read this article for the countdown and all links for the Special Program in EN, KR, JP, and CN version.

Converting the timezone is always a hassle, especially if there is a possibility of misinformation, making you miss out on the live stream completely. So here’s a countdown for the Genshin Impact 3.5 Special Program.

There will be 4 languages of the live stream: English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Each will broadcast at the same time so you can only choose one that you want to watch. However, beware that there are no English subtitles for the CN, JP, and KR version.

All Links for Genshin Impact 3.5 Special Program

English Version

The English version features Aether, Dehya, and Albedo (Image via HoYoverse)

For the English version, you can watch it on the official Twitch channel by clicking here. You don’t need a Twitch account to view the live stream but you’ll need one for commenting.

Chinese Version

The Chinese version features Cyno, Collei, Dehya, and Albedo (Image via HoYoverse)

The Chinese Special Program will feature different special guests as you can see in the image with 4 different characters. With the appearance of Albedo and Cyno, I think we all know who will be getting a rerun. It’s already a trend by HoYoverse that they often insert characters in the poster as a subtle message for the next character banners. But that’s just my speculation, you can find out more by streaming to the live stream on the official Bilibili channel here.

Japanese Version

The Japanese version features Alhaitham, Cyno, Dehya, and Collei (Image via HoYoverse)

Although Alhaitham may be a special guest in JP’s live stream, he will definitely won’t be getting any rerun in the next version because he just get a banner in the current version. For the Japanese Special Program, it will be broadcasted on their own JP YouTube channel here.

Korean Version

The Korean version features Dehya, Albedo, and Paimon (Image via HoYoverse)

The last language is Korean and the special guests here are similar to the English version but instead of Aether, we have Paimon. You can watch the KR version on the official YouTube channel.

During the Special Program, there will be moments of break and the guests will drop at most 3 new redemption codes. Each code can give Primogems so make sure to capture those codes and claim them via in-game or the official website. But rest assured I will make a new post for both the live stream overview and all redemption codes.


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