Genshin Impact 4.0 Special Program Livestream Overview

This post will include all the information shared in the recent live stream. Those who do not have the time to watch the program can read this instead to not miss out on any valuable information!

There are many Travelers that miss the 4.0 live stream because they’ve been busy with real life, but don’t worry. This post will include all the information shared in the recent live stream. Those who do not have the time to watch the program can read this instead to not miss out on any valuable information!

Wish Banner

Phase 1

There are 2 Event Wish in Phase 1:
1. Conjuring Chiaroscuro = Lyney + Lynette
2. Discerner of Enigmas = Yelan + Lynette

Phase 2

There are 2 Event Wish in Phase 2:
1. Genrty of Hermitage = Zhongli + Freminet
2. Farewell of Snezhnaya = Tartaglia + Freminet

New Characters

1. Lyney

Rarity: 5-Star
Vision: Pyro
Weapon: Bow

Normal Attack: In combat, he fires Prop Arrows that after hitting opponents, a Grin-Malkin Hat that taunts opponents will be summoned. Lyney will find the right opportunity to set it off and deal damage.
Elemental Burst: Lyney’s Elemental Burst “Wondrous Trick: Miracle Parade” turns himself into a Grin-Malkin Cat that can move around quickly and send magnificent flames falling down, culminating in a splendid explosive extravaganza.
Exploration Talent: It can help Travelers mark Fontaine’s local specialties on the map.

2. Lynette

Rarity: 4-Star
Vision: Anemo
Weapon: Sword

Elemental Skill: Lynette can enter a high-speed Pilfering Shadow state and unleash the Enigma Thrust at the opponent that is marked
Elemental Burst: When Lynette casts her Elemental Burst, she can summon a giant Bogglecat Box that can taunt nearby opponents and deal Anemo DMG. Also, the Bogglecat Box can interact with other Elements.

3. Freminet

Rarity: 4-Star
Vision: Cryo
Weapon: Claymore

Elemental Skill: Freminet can use his Elemental Skill “Pressurized Floe” to enter the Pers Timer state and perform different attacks based on the Pressure Level of Pers Timer.
Elemental Burst: After Freminet uses his Elemental Burst, his Elemental Skill will be further enhanced.
Exploration Talent: While Freminet is in the party, Aquatic Stamina consumption for your own party members is decreased by 35%.

New Weapon

1. The First Great Magic

➥ The new 5-star bow “The First Great Magic” will be scheduled in the Weapon Event Wish.

2. New Forgeable Weapons

➥ Travelers can find Estelle in her smithy in Fontaine and exchange for the blueprints of five Forgeable Weapons.

3. New Battle Pass Weapons

➥ Five new 4-star Battle Pass Weapons will be added to the BP Bounty and existing Battle Pass Weapons will remain in the BP Bounty. Thus, Travelers can choose from a total of 10 Battle Pass Weapons.

4. New Free Weapon (From Fishing)

New Artifact

➥ There will also be two brand-new sets of Artifacts, namely “Marechaussee Hunter” and “Golden Troupe.” Travelers can obtain them through the challenges in the new Domain of Blessing — Denouement of Sin.

New Boss & Enemies

1. Icewind Suit

2. Emperor of Fire and Iron

➥ The small volcano on its back is actually a cannon that shoots fireballs.

3. Fontemer Aberrants

➥ Some stronger Fontemer Aberrants have developed body parts that are rich in Elemental Energy. When such Fontemer Aberrants are on the ground, their Elemental Energy will be activated, enabling them to wield the power of Elements and protect themselves to a certain extent.
➥ But Fontemer Aberrants prefer peace and comfort when they are underwater, they usually won’t attack Travelers proactively. But if they are disturbed or frightened by Travelers, they will not hesitate to resort to violence.

New Quests

1. Archon Quest

➥ In Fontaine’s Archon Quest Act I “Prelude of Blancheur and Noirceur,” Lyney and Lynette will perform for the first time on the stage of the Opera Epiclese, where the curtains of their grand performance will rise before our Travelers.
➥ In the Version 4.0 Archon Quest, we will team up with Navia to investigate an important case. We will also meet Clorinde, a Champion Duelist with outstanding skills. She is not only someone that “Childe” Tartaglia desires to spar with, but also one who has a sort of complicated connection with Navia.
➥ As for Neuvillette, the solemn and just Iudex, Furina, the flamboyant Hydro Archon, that Dawei just mentioned, and a character who has already showed up, Charlotte, journalist from The Steambird who spares no effort in digging for the next big scoop; they will all be present in the Version 4.0 Archon Quest.
➥ Fontaine’s main story will persist from Version 4.0 all the way to Version 4.2.

2. Story Quest

➥ Travelers can experience Lyney’s Story Quest “The Forgotten Thief” in Version 4.0 to learn more about him. The way he smiles is so full of confidence and charm. It gives you an impression that he doesn’t falter in the face of mistakes or danger.

New Events

1. Mega Meka Melee (Flagship Event)

➥ In the “Mega Meka Melee” event, to showcase what a Champion Duelist is capable of, Travelers will help with three experiments so that the workshop staff can collect necessary information to make the toys.

➥ The first experiment is the parkour gameplay – Torrential Turbulent Charge. There are vast underwater areas in Fontaine. By passing through the Turbulent Rings, Travelers can charge forward underwater. To complete the challenge, Travelers will also need to dodge various obstacles along the way.

➥ The second experiment is combat gameplay — Efficacy Testing Simulation Arena. In this experiment, Travelers will need to fight against opponents in Fontaine’s wilderness among which there will be many Clockwork Meka exclusive to Fontaine.

➥ The third experiment is music gameplay — Dance Dance Resolution. Travelers will control the “Toy Adventurer” to follow the beat of the music and attack at the right moment to hit the toys lining both sides of the track to score points and claim rewards.

2. Relic Records: Creations of the Hydro Nation

➥ In this event, Travelers will need to collect different types of materials or defeat specific opponents, all of which are Fontainian local specialties or monsters.

3. Studies in Light and Shadow

➥ This event can also help Travelers quickly get acquainted with Fontaine, Travelers will have to follow the instructions to take photos of specific scenery or creatures in Fontaine.

4. Verdict of Blades

➥ In this event, apart from regular combat strategies, each challenge has its own Blade Mirage mechanism. Travelers can use the Blade Mirage mechanism to their advantage which makes challenges easier and defeat opponents effortlessly.

5. The Curtain Never Falls on Magic (Free Lynette)

➥ After the Version 4.0 update, when you reach Adventure Rank 25, you can visit the event page “The Curtain Never Falls on Magic” to claim the 4-star character Lynette, for free.
➥ Also, considering that some Travelers have just begun their journey in Teyvat, they will have difficulty in collecting materials needed for character development. So when you invite Lynette to your team from the event page, you will also obtain the materials needed to achieve Ascension Phase 1 for her to make character development easier.

New Adjustment

1. Multi-Layered Map

➥ When Travelers enter a multi-layered area, the mini-map will automatically switch to the multi-layered mode. When we return to the regular open-world map of Teyvat, the mini-map will return to its regular look.

➥ Also, upon selecting a location on a different map layer, the corresponding map layer will be displayed automatically. When Travelers open the Multi-Layered Map, the sub-icon of the Map Pins for the same layer will also be highlighted, which is a very convenient design.
➥ The Multi-Layered Map will be available not only for the new areas in Version 4.0, but also upgraded the multi-layered map for areas introduced in the previous versions (like Mausoleum of King Deshret or Araumi) to facilitate players’ exploration.

2. Party Setup Screen Update

➥ The Party Setup screen will have a more lively look, the developer have designed the entrance and exit animations for every character. Each character will have a special entrance animation upon joining the party.

➥ There will be different backgrounds in the Party Setup screen/ The background will change according to the locations where Travelers enter the Party Setup screen.

3. TCG Spectating System

➥ Travelers may enter the Friends interface or the Co-Op Mode interface to select their friend or Co-Op teammate who is in a TCG duel.
➥ If you are in the same world with the two dueling players, you will even gain the referee’s view to observe both sides of the game. If you don’t want observers watching your duels, you can adjust the relevant settings in the duel.

New System

1. Abilities from Fontemer Aberrants

➥ Instead of reproducing the existing combat design, the developer team designed a set of underwater combat rules that are independent, simple, and interactive.
➥ Players can absorb various abilities from specific Fontemer Aberrants to fight opponents and solve puzzles.

➥ For example, there is a type of Fontemer Aberrant called “Armored Crab.” Based on its biological features, the team designed a shield ability for it.
➥ After absorbing the ability, players can Hold the button to summon the shield to parry. Apart from that, the shield can also reflect trajectory attacks.

2. Ousia and Pneuma

➥ The Fontainian characters in the Teaser have Visions of different designs than those in other nations. This is because Fontainian characters have a unique attribute. It is called Arkhe, it consists of two opposing energies — Ousia and Pneuma.

➥ When Ousia-aligned energy meets Pneuma-aligned energy, an Annihilation reaction will be triggered which generates energy
➥ Fontainians utilize such properties to power the facilities in the city, including the Clockwork Meka seen on the streets.
➥ As for the Fontainian characters who own a Vision, based on their innate Arkhe types, they can trigger relevant damage effects in combat. However, since this is exclusive to Fontainian characters and areas, Arkhe system is not included in an intricate system like the Elemental System.

3. Underwater Diving

➥ One of the key features is underwater exploration. The developer team added a set of underwater animations for all Genshin Impact playable characters, and you can choose your favorite characters to explore the underwater world.
➥ To ensure a smooth underwater gameplay experience, the game didn’t include gameplay settings such as an oxygen bar for the underwater spaces in Fontaine

➥ Players, however, can Sprint underwater which consumes Aquatic Stamina, a type of Stamina exclusive to underwater movements.
➥ The developer has added a method of traversing greater distances underwater with the help of “currents.” With these “currents,” players will be able to quickly move toward their destination while also being able to freely adjust their position and perspective so as to admire the scenery along the way.

➥ About the ratio of underwater and above-water spaces in Fontaine, the ratio would probably go up and down every now and then. But it will stay around the expected 50-50 ratio.

New Map

1. Fontaine

➥ For Travelers who have explored Sumeru, simply follow the steps of our Archon Quest to reach the Romaritime Harbor with ease. Then head to Court of Fontaine, the most important city in Fontaine.
➥ For those who haven’t explored the desert region, for all Travelers who have completed Archon Quest Prologue: Act III “Song of the Dragon and Freedom,” a Teleport Waypoint in the Realm of Farakhkert that is near Fontaine will automatically unlock. Travelers may use this Teleport Waypoint to go to Fontaine’s outskirts easily.

TCG Addition

1. 3 New Cards: Qiqi, Albedo & Lisa


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