Genshin Impact 4.1 Special Program Livestream Overview

This post will include all the information shared in the recent live stream. Those who do not have the time to watch the program can read this instead to not miss out on any valuable information!

There are many Travelers who miss the 4.1 live stream because they’ve been busy with real life, but don’t worry. This post will include all the information shared in the recent live stream. Those who do not have the time to watch the program can read this instead to not miss out on any valuable information!

Wish Banner

Phase 1

➥ There are 2 Event Wish in Phase 1:
1. Decree of the Deeps – Neuvillette
2. Moment of Bloom – Hu Tao

Phase 2

➥ There are 2 Event Wish in Phase 2:
1. Tempestuous Destiny – Wriothesley
2. Ballad in Goblets – Venti

New Characters

1. Neuvillette

Rarity: 5-Star
Vision: Hydro
Weapon: Catalyst

Normal Attack: Neuvillette’s combat style revolves around his Charged Attack. After charging for a period of time, Neuvillette’s Charged Attacks will continuously consume HP and release a surging torrent, sealing continuous AoE Hydro DMG to all opponents in a straight-line area in front of him. The higher Neuvillette’s current HP, the more DMG his Charged Attacks will inflict.
Elemental Skill & Burst: His Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst can generate spheres known as Sourcewater Droplets. When Neuvillette’s storing energy for his Charged Attack, Sourcewater Droplets in front of him will be automatically absorbed, restoring his own HP while reducing the time required to fully charge his torrent.
Exploration Talent: When Neuvillette is in your party, the underwater Sprint SPD of your own characters will be increased.

2. Wriothesley

Rarity: 5-Star
Vision: Cryo
Weapon: Catalyst

Normal Attack: Wriothesley’s Normal and Charged Attacks all deal Cryo DMG
Elemental Skill: His Elemental Skill enhances his Normal Attacks, but also causes him to lose HP at the same time. The HP he loses is central to how he lures in his opponents and grips the audience’s attention. When Wriothesley’s HP is relatively low, his Charged Attacks will be greatly enhanced and he will regain large amounts of HP after hitting opponents with them.
Exploration Talent: When Wriothesley crafts Weapon Ascension Materials, he has a certain chance to receive double the product.

New Weapon

1. 2 5-Star Catalysts

2. New Set of 4-Star Weapons

New Boss & Enemies

1. Experimental Field Generator

This Experimental Field Generator that the late Edwin Eastinghouse (know more about this in Archon Quest) went out of control as a result and now resides somewhere within the former site of the Fontaine Research Institute’s Central Laboratory. When you come face to face with it, remember to make use of the weightlessness effect it provides to jump up and dodge its attacks.

2. Millenial Pearl Seahorse

Lurks inside a certain cavern within this area. It has gained the form of a fantastical beast and the Xenomare Pearl beneath its head is a crystallization of Electro that allows it to use more powerful elemental attacks and possess stronger defensive abilities.

3. Fatui Frost Operatives & Wind Operatives

Travelers will encounter new enemies from the Fatui here, known as Frost Operatives and Wind Operatives. They’re part of a special force of elite operatives under Arlecchino and are particularly formidable.

3. New Clockwork Meka

New Quests

1. Archon Quest

In Version 4.1, the Harbinger native to Fontaine, Arlecchino will be meeting the Hydro Archon Furina and the Iudex Neuvillette to resolve this diplomatic incident.

That goes without saying that the solutions that Arlecchino proposes are all turned down. Eventually, Neuvillette agrees to send someone to the Fortress of Meropide to check up on Childe and by doing so temporarily keeps a lid on things. This task falls upon the Traveler. To help us successfully integrate into the Fortress of Meropide, Neuvillette, thoughtful and considerate as ever, finds something to convict us for.

In Version 4.1, Act III “To the Stars Shining in the Depths” and Act IV “Cataclysm’s Quickening” of Fontaine’s Archon Quest will begin within the Fortress of Meropide, the Traveler must secretly investigate a series of incidents and track down Childe.

It’s worth mentioning that, throughout this process, the Traveler will receive help from some old friends and will also encounter some new faces such as Wriothesley, the “Duke” of the Fortress of Meropide, as well as Sigewinne, the head nurse.

2. Story Quest

Word of advice: Don’t break the law

Hmm, is there anything else?

Oh, yeah… Seriously, don’t break the law

As the administrator of the Fortress of Meropide, Wriothesley certainly has some real talent. He manages to protect the vulnerable while simultaneously keeping the ruffians and troublemakers at bay. After he assumed his position, he carried out a series of reforms that totally changed how the Fortress of Meropide was run.

Perhaps we could take a walk by a riverbank or somewhere similarly fluvial

As the Iudex of Fontaine, Neuvillette presides over Fontaine’s judicial system and maintains the principles of impartiality. Both when he’s in court and in his everyday life, he’s constantly aware of his public influence.

But this Iudex isn’t just the solemn figure that everyone imagines. He also has his own interests and personal life For instance, one of Neuvillette’s hobbies is water tasting. He loves the Melusines deeply, and sees them as a lovely, gentle race of beings.

New Events

1. Waterborne Poetry

Hu Tao and Venti promised in this year’s Lantern Rite to write poems together in the future. This gave them the opportunity to hold a poetry gala near Stone Gate jointly hosted by both nations, and led by Hu Tao and Venti. Aside from exchanging poetry, it also allowed them to promote harmony and friendship between the two nations.

However, something strange happened during the event, Chongyun, who was participating as a contestant claimed he had seen something that looked like an evil spirit. So, while everyone took part in the gala, they also began to investigate the incident.

Travelers can take part in three event challenges to accumulate Poetry Gala Fervor and obtain the exclusive 4-star catalyst “Ballad of the Boundless Blue” along with its exclusive refinement materials and other rewards.

Gameplay 1

In “Hundred-Pace Hurling Rites, ” players can throw Darts to hit as many Holding Pots as they can within the time limit and score as many points as possible. During the challenge, a Ring of Rites and Sleight Pots will appear. If thrown Darts pass through the Ring to hit a Holding Pot, the score gained will be doubled. Hitting Sleight Pots allows you to toss Darts in faster succession so you can complete the challenge quicker.

Gameplay 2

The second gameplay mode is “Inspiration Eruption.” After the challenge begins, you can obtain Inspiring Crystals by defeating opponents. From time to time, an enemy carrying a Mythic Nexus will appear. Such foes will be very tough and hard to defeat.

After a certain period of time, Inspiring Crystals will rupture and release an AoE shockwave around your character, inflicting immense damage. Skilled use of Inspiring Crystals’ shockwaves may aid you in defeating these opponents with ease.

Gameplay 3

Mending Painting Prospects” requires you to take pictures and search for missing objects. Follow the instructions to help an art conservator take pictures and restore artworks. As you take pictures, match the picture with the current scenery, and look for any objects that are missing from the picture. Once you have found said objects, you can record them and obtain rewards.

2. Dodoco’s Bomb-Tastic Adventure

In the “Dodoco’s Bomb-Tastic Adventure” event, Travelers can play around with Jumpy Dumpties together with Klee. You can use Dodoco to throw different types of Jumpy Dumpties to defeat the army of Spikey Fish.

3. Radiant Harvest

In Fontaine, some strange creatures that should only have existed in the labs. Suddenly appeared throughout the waters of the region. In the “Radiant Harvest” event, Travelers can help the merchant Kesean, who’s up to his neck in work to collect “Violetglow Jellyfish” from the waters of Fontaine. And by so doing eliminate the danger to the ecosystem and obtain rewards.

4. The Peaks and Troughs of Life

In this challenge event, Travelers can help a Fontainian researcher test Pressurized Impactors to stop the pressure increase at the right moment to increase DMG dealt by high-pressure shockwaves released by the Pressurized Impactors and defeat your enemies.

Meanwhile, Travelers can also gain “Load” according to the number of deployed characters and their Levels to equip higher level “Buff Modules” and challenge more formidable opponents.

5. Overflowing Mastery

6. Login Event (2 New Gadgets) & Top-Up Reset

The “Bathing in Flowing Moonlight” check-in event will begin after version 4.1 update. Travelers can check in each day to obtain up to 10 Intertwined Fates and other rewards. Meanwhile, they will also be sending Travelers via in-game mails an additional 1,600 Primogems and 4 Fragile Resin as well as two unique commemorative gadgets: “Portable Aerodynamic Gelatinous Bubble Generator” and “Itty Bitty Octobaby.”
Also, after the Version 4.1 update, the initial top-up bonus in the in-game Shop will also be reset.

New Adjustments

1. Highlighted Adventure Rank Ascension Quests

The developer team has better highlighted Adventure Rank Ascension Quest hints. They’ve added relevant guidance in the Paimon Menu and the Guide page of the Adventure Handbook.

During Ascension Quests, they’ve reduced the time needed to clear the Domains and removed certain strong opponents to help new Travelers complete Ascension Quests.

2. Adventure Encounters

In this system, Travelers can obtain Encounter Points by completing quests, opening treasure chests, collecting items, and participating in events. So apart from obtaining rewards by completing Daily Commissions, you’ll also be able to exchange accumulated Encounter Points for commission rewards.

A maximum of 4 commission rewards can be claimed each day using either of these methods. You will still be able to complete commissions after claiming your Daily Commission rewards so those who want to experience them or complete achievements can still go do them anyway. Encounter Points will be cleared at 4:00 AM each day according to your server time.

New Map

1. Old Fontaine Research Institute’s Central Laboratory

The natural landscape continues to reflect the purity and elegance of Fontaine. But when the Fontaine Research Institute pushed things too far, there was a huge explosion in the area. That’s why there are these breathtaking “Allogravity-Condensed Water Bodies” in the air.

2. Fortress of Meropide

Fortress of Meropide is not simply just the “prison” of Fontaine. Nominally, it isn’t under the jurisdiction of Fontaine’s legal systems, and has always existed as an autonomous entity. So that’s why Neuvillette disguises us as a criminal so we can go in and investigate.

In Fontaine, criminals are punished by being exiled to the Fortress of Meropide. It may seem like a prison, but in fact, it should be regarded as a gathering place for exiles. They can obtain living supplies through labor. The whole Fortress is built underwater. Its hidden structure is mostly made up of pipes, gears, and steam valves. This intricate industrial ambiance emphasizes the majesty and solemnity of this place.

TCG Addition

1. New Cards: Dehya, Wanderer & Yaoyao

2. Heated Battle Mode

3. The Forge Realm’s Temper


1. Resounding Melodies Concert Bundle

Primogems, Namecard, Wind Glider & Furnishing. More information from the official account soon.


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