Genshin Impact Presents New Alternate Outfits

Genshin Impact’s official Twitter account recently announced that they will be releasing alternate outfits for some characters. When the news first broke, many travellers assumed that these were new skins. Perhaps even early designs of characters costumes. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

People playing on the international server will be able to choose between the default outfits and the alternate ones. However, this isn’t the case for everyone.

New censorship laws

From Genshin Impact’s post, we can see that as of now, four characters will be getting alternate outfits. This includes the ‘Dandelion Knight’ Jean, ‘Gliding Champion’ Amber, ‘Thorny Benevolence’ Rosaria and ‘Astral Reflection’ Mona.

While we don’t have a set date for their release, what we do know is that these new outfits will be made permanent on the CN servers. To compensate the players for this sudden change, Mihoyo will also be giving them 1200 Primogems as an apology. The reason for this hasn’t been stated but it isn’t hard to guess.

Everyone knows that China has strict censorship laws, especially when it comes to games. Recently, the government has also been trying to crack down on overly sexualized characters. Considering the changes made to the outfits, it isn’t hard to guess that this is the reason for Mihoyo’s decision. Especially since characters like Amber had their in-game models tweaked to reduce her cleavage.

CN players have also reported that there have already been some changes made to the current model to stay ahead of the censorship laws.

Should you be worried?

The only thing that Genshin Impact’s international account has done is announce the arrival of the outfits. But they won’t be permanent for international players. Except for the CN servers, everyone will have the choice to switch between default and alternative.

However, what we can guess is that in the future, there are higher chances of new outfits being revealed for existing characters. But well, as long as the alternate outfits aren’t permanent, players can treat them like new free character skins.

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