Genshin Impact Tavern: Genshin Impact’s Second Official Discord Server

It has been a while since Genshin Impact’s first official discord server reached its maximum capacity. And while that may not seem like a big deal to many, being in the server has its perks.

If you want to experience new content first-hand and help beta new versions of the game, this is where you apply. If you’re a fan creator, then Mihoyo has tons of opportunities to show your talents. And if you’re simply looking for other fans of the game that you can talk to about abyss team comps or different builds for characters, then what better place than this?

Recently, Genshin Impact has opened up their second official discord server to accommodate more fans. The Genshin Impact Tavern is now officially open! So if you’re someone who has been looking to become part of this growing community for a while, here’s your chance!

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