Genshin Impact Version 3.3 Update Maintenance Preview & Countdown

3.3 update maintenance is just around the corner! This article will include the date and countdown for Travelers worldwide without needing to convert any timezone.

Genshin Impact dropped tons of new announcements today, and one of the most important ones is the 3.3 update maintenance preview. The developers had mentioned that they will soon begin performing update maintenance. While the update maintenance is in progress, you will be unable to log in to the game. Thus, please take note of the update time and schedule your game time accordingly.

Update Schedule for Version 3.3

Genshin Impact 3.3 update maintenance begins December 7, 2022, at 06:00 AM (UTC+8) and is estimated to take 5 hours until 11:00 AM. Lazy to convert the timezone? Check out the countdown below for a precise estimation of how many days/hours/minutes/seconds are left before the maintenance starts.

How to Update Game Client

Pre-Installation function for version 3.2

You need to update the game client before or after the update maintenance is completed so you can play the new version. If you didn’t update it, then you can’t play the new patch. How to update your game client? It depends on the platform you’re using:

  • PC: Close the game, open the Genshin Impact Launcher, and click Update.
  • iOS: Open the App Store and tap Update.
  • Android: Open the game and follow the directions on-screen.
  • PS5™ and PS4™: Highlight Genshin Impact from the Home Screen, press the OPTIONS button, and select “Check for Update.”

Please contact Customer Service if you encounter any issues installing the new version.

Compensation Details

As usual, there will two sets of compensations that will be given out after the maintenance is completed.

  1. Maintenance Compensation: 300 Primogems (60 Primogems per hour the servers are down)
  2. Issue Fixes Compensation: 300 Primogems

Although it said 60 Primogems per hour for the first one, the maintenance usually ends one hour to a few minutes early than expected, but we still get the promised 300 Primogems. In short, the compensation will give out a minimum of 300 Primogems and will stack up (60 Primogems per hour) if the update ends later than expected.

Scope of Compensation

Keep in mind that these compensations will only be given to Travelers who reach Adventure Rank 5 or above before the update maintenance starts (which is on December 7 at 6:00 AM). New players below AR 5 will not get the Primogems.

Last but not least, make sure to claim the reward before the end of Version 3.3. The developers will distribute compensation to you via in-game mail within 5 hours after the update maintenance is finished. The mail will expire after 30 days, so don’t forget to claim the attached compensation in time.


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