Geovishap, Solarvishap, Lunarvishap Achievement and Locations

The Challenger: Series IV offers brand new and exciting achievements with a neat namecard as a final reward. However, it can be a little tricky finding and defeating the Geovishaps in all of their elemental forms. Here are their locations so you can hunt them down easy.

geovishap genshin locations

Following the color-coordinated circles, you have the red Pyro, pale blue Cryo and blue Hydro Geovishaps. Go on and pull them into a fight. Just to be safe, wait until they merge with their element before defeating them.

It’s also good to keep in mind that it can take up to 20 hours for them to respawn.

Geovishap Locations and Tips

The Hydro Geovishap will be wandering by the water close to the Fatui and Hilichurl camp in Tianqiu Valley. A Geovishap Hatchling is also lurking on the hillside. You can avoid a fight with them easily by keeping out of their visual range.

Draw the Geovishap into the water and freeze it with a Cryo skill to keep it from rolling and jumping. Or if you’re in luck- freeze it while it rains.

Hydro Geovishap Location Genshin
Hydro Geovishap

The Cryo Geovishap is by some ruins and a tiny body of water south of Nantianmen. You can identify its element usually by what monsters or plants are nearby. For example, the Cryo Slimes sitting in the water and mist flowers.

Be careful not to run in the water and douse yourself with Hydro or both the slimes and geovishap will lock you in a Frozen state.

cryo geovishap location

Similarly, the Pyro Geovishap is wandering the cliffs above Nantianmen by flaming flowers that can trigger a wide-range AoE Burn effect. It is also joined by a Geovishap Hatchling.

Pyro Geovishap Location Genshin

This encounter in particular can be frustrating because of the punch the Geovishaps rolling skill packs. If the Pyro Geovishap goes rolling off the cliff to the ground below and takes you with it in its attack, its health will regenerate to full and it’ll reappear in its spawn point. Players must climb up from where they’ve fallen to start the fight again. Force them to roll towards you away from the cliffs if you can.

Pyro Geovishap Location Genshin

The Electro Geovishap is found in the Ridge Watch Domain by Dragonspine- alternatively known as the Domain of Blessing: Unyielding IV.

geovishap locations genshin electro

Players will have to complete level 90 to encounter and defeat a Geovishap that infuses itself with electro. If this is too hard to beat solo, you can still earn the achievement while in Co-op Mode.

electro geovishap location genshin

Once all four Geovishaps have been defeated, you’ll have earned yourself the Geovishap, Solarvishap, Lunarvishap… Achievement!

One step closer to your new, nifty namecard.

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