Gorou Hangout Event Guide

Fans will be excited to know that Gorou has gotten his own hangout event in the 2.3 update. By doing this quest, not only will you get to know what kind of person Gorou is but also try him out before his release.

The Canine General’s Special Operations is the first part of Gorou’s hangout event. It has a total of five endings that can be unlocked by making a series of choices.

Note: Choices that are not listed in the guide will not have an outcome on the ending you’ll receive.


To unlock Gorou’s hangout event, you need to be at AR 40. You will also need two Story Keys that can be obtained by doing daily quests. Finally, you should have completed the entirety of the Inazuma Archon quest as well as Kokomi’s story quest Dracanea Somnolenta.

Ending 1: The Smiling Send-Off

Once you’ve unlocked the hangout event, you’ll find Gorou near the Yae Publishing house and from there, your journey can begin.

Countermeasure Conference:

  • It’s okay, let’s just ignore her.

The Secret Behind the Letters

  • It sounds like she’s falling in love.
“We smile when we part, so that we may smile when we meet again.”

Ending 2: That’s Uh…

After unlocking the first ending, open the quest tab and select Gorou’s hangout. From there, scroll to the story branch The Secret Behind the Letters and start playing from there.

The Secret Behind the Letters:

  • I’ll go keep watch at Yae Publishing House.

From there, no matter the choice you make, you’ll unlock the ending and the secret image of Miss Hina.

“I can’t shake the feeling that there’s something you’re not telling me…”

Ending 3: Tactical Retreat

For this ending, you’ll have to start the hangout event right from the beginning. Let Gorou finish talking to Yae Miko and then you can begin.

Countermeasure Conference:

  • Why don’t I help you overcome this weakness?
  • We can start with some theoretical study…

Praying for Fortune:

For this path, you can pick any of the fortune sticks. No matter the dialogue that follows, it will lead to the same ending.

“N—next time…”

Ending 4: Desserts are the Best

For this ending, start the hangout event from the Story Branch Countermeasure Conference. Then, follow the choice listed below.

Countermeasure Conference:

  • Why don’t I help you overcome this weakness?
  • I can act as a personality you find difficult to deal with…

Professional Imitator:

  • Oh, it’s you. You came all this way to see me?
  • If you want to bargain, you’ll have to do as I say.

During this path of the hangout event, you will have to fight some Fatui Skirmishers so come prepared with your main team. Gorou will also be added to your team as a trial character so you’ll have a chance to try out his skills before his official gacha release.

“And so is being happy.”

Ending 5: Final Remembrance

For the final ending, start from the story branch Countermeasure Conference. Then pick the listed choices.

Countermeasure Conference:

  • Actually, Yae Miko’s not all bad…
  • Let’s steer clear of Yae Publishing House for now, then.

Treasure Rumors:

  • You understand Taroumaru?
“Let me mourn them for just a little while longer.”


Once you’ve cleared all the endings for Gorou’s hangout, you’ll receive the following rewards:

  • 60 Primogems
  • 10 Hero’s Wit
  • 6 Prithiva Topaz Fragment
  • 6 Guide to Light
  • 1 Victorious Legend

You’ll also unlocking the following achievements, the first one giving 20 Primogems and the other two giving 5 each:

  • General of Watatsumi
  • To Tell or Not to Tell, That Is the Question
  • Changing Times

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