Guide to Farming Mora Without Using Resin

Mora runs out when you reach the higher Adventure Ranks especially when you’re trying to level up your main characters and their talents all the way to level 90. Not to mention buying ingredients and materials for quests or when you need an attack-boosting dish in a pinch. Here are some methods to get Mora without using up all of your Resin to farm the Mora leylines.


You can obtain Mora with expeditions. The amount of Mora you get varies with how much time you select for it. If you have characters like Bennett, Fischl, Keqing, or Chongyun you can decrease the time by 25% in their respective regions. Personally, I choose the 20 hours since it gives you the most and you don’t have to constantly keep on checking expeditions for it.

  • 4 hours: 625 Mora
  • 8 hours: 1575 Mora
  • 12 hours: 2500 Mora
  • 20 hours: 5000 Mora


If you investigate some of the abandoned carriages or wine jars with artifacts in the open world you’ll get a bit of Mora. It’s not much, but it’s free and respawns after a few days. Some of them are even marked in the Genshin Interactive map as Mora.

Destroying Artifacts

Destroying the lower rarity artifacts gives you a bit of Mora, and as of the 1.6 update you can now destroy up to 4-star artifacts for Mora. I recommend destroying the artifacts in batches if you really need the Mora for other things like leveling up characters or their talent levels.

Here’s how much each artifact gives you: 

  • 1 star artifact: 420 Mora
  • 2 star artifact: 840 Mora
  • 3 star artifact: 1260 Mora
  • 4 star artifact: 2520 Mora

Bounties and Requests

Bounties and requests are a good way to earn Mora on a weekly basis. You get a trio of fighting off enemies to giving NPCs items. In order to get these bounties and requests talk to Hertha in Mondstadt and Ms. Yu in Liyue Harbor. They both can be found with the triangle symbol above them on the map.

Even after you reach the highest level in Mondstadt and Liyue’s Reputation Levels you can still do the bounties and requests for Mora each week. Each NPC request grants 20,000 Mora upon completion and the bounty Mora reward ranges from 20,000 Mora, 25,000 Mora, and 30,000 Mora depending on the difficulty you choose.

Trading in Ameno & Geo Sigils

Don’t let the achievements for the chests in Mondstadt and Liyue fool you. There are more chests in both regions than needed for the achievements. You can hunt for treasure chests using the treasure compasses gained through the city’s reputation levels. Another method is looking up the chests’ location on the Genshin Interactive Map.

Here’s how many Sigils each type of chest will get you in both regions: 

  • Common: 1-3 Sigils
  • Exquisite: 3-4 Sigils
  • Precious: 4-10 Sigils
  • Luxurious: 4-10 Sigils

Ameno Sigils are commonly found when obtaining treasure chests. You can trade the Ameno Sigils by going to Marjorie, owner of the Souvenir Shop, “With Wind Comes Glory”. You can exchange 1 Ameno Sigil 120 times for 1600 Mora. Then you can exchange 2 Ameno Sigils after clearing out the shop’s inventory for 1600 Mora each.

Meanwhile, Geo Sigils are found in chests, in exploration on rocks or cliffs, and investigating wooden boxes floating on the coast.

The Souvenir Shop at Liyue Harbor, “Mingxing Jewelry” run by Xingxi is the only place to exchange Geo Sigils for items, and Mora. Her shop can also be located by the diamond icon on the map. You can exchange 1 Geo Sigil 120 times for 1600 Mora. Then you can exchange 2 Geo Sigils after clearing out the shop for 1600 Mora each.

Mora Weasels

Another way to earn free Mora is getting the weasels out of the hole in the open world. If you attack it you can earn 500, 750, 1000 Mora depending on what weasel pops up. Don’t worry about the weasels, they just drop their Mora, not Raw Meat. So far I’ve only found them in Liyue, but hopefully, the other regions will have them.

Parametric Transformer 


  • Adventure Rank 31 or above.

Talk to Lan at the Adventurer’s Guild in Liyue Harbor to start the World Quest “Tianqiu Treasure Trail” and the parametric transformer will be your reward in addition to more Mora. This gadget will give you some free Mora along with a variety of items like EXP books, weapon materials, character ascension materials, and talents books.

However it depends on what items you place into the transformer and the quantity limit is 150. Furthermore, I recommend using spare items like apples, mushrooms, or materials you don’t have a use for yet like heavy horns. Once you use it, the transformer has a six-day cooldown.

Example: 100% Geo with Zhongli & Ningguang and 150 Heavy Horns as fuel:

Serenitea Pot Realm Depot


  • Adventure Rank 35 and above
  • Completion of Archon Quest Chapter 1: A New Star Approaches Act III

You can obtain the pot by completing the quest A Teapot to Call Home: Part I by talking to Madam Ping. It’s a long quest but worth it when you start building your home in the pot.

You can obtain up to 200,000 Mora with 2,400 Realm Currency in the Realm Depot which refreshes weekly. You can obtain realm currency by placing furnishings in your realm. 

Daily Login 

The daily login on the Genshin Impact Official Website offers Mora on certain days for checking in continuously.

You could earn up to 67,000 Mora you login in everyday. It’s an easy way to get Mora if you don’t mind having to get on the website everyday. 

In-Game Mail

There are also the emails you get from when events are about to end that offer Mora. It may be a 1000 Mora, but these small rewards built up over time.  

Test Run Events

During each banner there will be test runs for the characters, and one of the test runs for the four star characters grants 15000 Mora. 

Battle Pass

The Regular Battle Pass offers large amounts of Mora just for completing both daily and weekly missions. A few weekly missions do require Resin like battling the weekly bosses, leylines, and domains. However, it’s still a passive method to obtain more Mora. You can obtain up to 720,000 Mora if you get to Battle Level 49.

Here are the amount you get from completing each level:

  • Level 3, 6, 9: 16,000 Mora
  • Level 13, 16, 19: 32,000 Mora
  • Level 23, 26, 29: 48,000 Mora
  • Level 33, 36, 39: 64,000 Mora
  • Level: 43, 46, 49: 80,000 Mora 
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