Her Foes Rage Like Great Waters Quest Guide | Hidden Achievement

This is the last main quest for the desert in Genshin Impact 3.4. You can only access this quest after completing all the World Quests I’d made a guide of previously:
1) The Dirge of Bilqis
2) Rejoice With Me, For What Was Lost Is Now Found
3) Tadhla the Falcon
4) Apocalypse Lost

Why it’s only unlocked now? Who knows, possibly of the Lantern Rites because this ending is so dark they time-gated the quest and only make it available after February 6.

1) Behold, the Sign Comes Like A Thief

➥ Teleport to the Statue of the Seven in Tanit Camps and talk to Yuften at the bottom of the camp to start the quest. After that, keep following the quest navigation as there are no puzzles (yet) but lots of fighting mobs of enemies. 

2) Make Bright the Arrows, Gather the Shields

➥ After talking to Yuften and reporting to Babel, change the in-game time to the next day (Mine is changed to the next morning at 08:00) and talk to Babel once again.

➥ Teleport to the Statue of the Seven in Tanit Camp and keep following the quest navigation until you see the Fatui camp on the northeast.

➥ There are three items you need to interact with first just by following the flow of conversation (I included all of them in the image above). Then, you will another Fatui camp. Yet again, you need to defeat them.

➥ Find another Fatui camp (for the 3rd time gosh) and defeat them again. There are another three items you need to interact with before you can proceed to the next location. The items in this part are close to each other so you won’t miss it.

➥ The last location you need to venture into is inside this ruin. Wait until Paimon stops talking for the door to open.

3) For Her Judgement Reaches to the Skies

➥ Surprise, surprise, you need to fight Jeht because of a misunderstanding. But all is good because after that you will sort it out with her. Not after defeating some measly assassins though.

➥ The last task for you, massacre the whole Tanit tribe with Jeht to complete the quest and get the hidden achievement ‘…For She Shall Surely Requite.’

Bye now, I’m gonna cry in the corner because of how sad the ending is, poor Jeht being betrayed left and right.


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