Hey, This Isn’t Pumpkin Soup Quest Guide

Help Verenata in testing her potions to get Primogems and a Strange Part.

Help Verenata in testing her potions to get Primogems and a Strange Part.

Rewards: Primogem x40, Hero’s Wit x3, Mora x23000, Mystic Enhancement Ore x3 & Strange Part x1

➥ Talk to Verenata near a cooking pot in Merusea Village to start the quest. She’s making potions and you need to taste test them all:
1) Super-Power Potion: Help people fight better
2) Coast-Toasty Potion: Keep people feeling warm
3) Truesight Potion: Help people understand the truth

➥ You will be instantly teleported to the aboveground of Fontaine. After consuming the first potion, a group of Breach Primuses will appear and you need to defeat them. After that, talk to Verenata near the spot.

➥ For the second potion, you still need to fight enemies, and this time it’s a group of Slimes (a total of 3 waves).

➥ For the third potion, you’ll need to head underwater so just follow the navigation as it’s near the previous location. When consuming the last potion, there is no battle but you will notice an invisible boat. There will be a continuation quest after witnessing this boat, but with a different NPC. The quest is called The Lone Phantom Sail.


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