Hiromi’s Watch World Quest and Achievement Guide

Narukami Island

Hiromi of the Kanjou Commission has a wish. However, you can only begin the quest after completing Liyue’s: The Chi of Yore. You must also possess ‘Someone’s Drifting Bottle’ found on the wintry coast of Dragonspine.

Someone's Drifting Bottle

Grab the bottle from the location marked below if you haven’t already.


Beat the Ruin Guard to pick it up.

If both pre-requisites have been met, you are now set to begin the bemusing and heartfelt Inazuma World Quest: Hiromi’s Watch.

Triggering the Quest

Travel to Inazuma City and drift to a small patch of beach below the city walls.

Speak to Hiromi.

He’ll turn you away the first time, so when the dialogue ends, engage with him again.

After repeatedly bugging him on why he’s acting so shady, and after making fun of him by reading his cheesy love letter from the drifting bottle aloud, Hiromi gets embarrassed and caves in.

Go with him to meet his informant on Narukami Island near the ancient ruins.

A Treasure Hoarder named Kazu waits.

After exposing Hiromi as a childhood friend, Kazu reveals their history shared together along with the infamous boss of Liyue’s Treasure Hoarders, ‘Big Sis’.

The letter Hiromi had written and items tucked inside the bottle had been intended for her but Kazu shares he doesn’t know where she is.

Additionally, he adds that while hunting for treasure in Jueyun Karst together, they were attacked by two Guhua disciples and separated.

Hiromi (following a mild roast session by his thief-of-a-friend) asks you to seek the Guhua disciples out.

Find Sun Yu and Little Que’er

Teleport to Mt. Aocang and glide down. You should recognize the pair resting on the mountain cliffs from your explorations of Liyue before.

Mt. Aocang

Ask Sun Yu about ‘Big Sis’. He shares a tale how he and Que’er were training and traveling when they caught sight of two thieves. To keep the sacred land of the adepti preserved, they chased the thieves deep into Mt. Hulao.

However, while chasing ‘Big Sis’ endlessly up and down the mountains, she suddenly disappeared.

Failing to find her in their searches, they assumed she fell from the cliffs or somehow escaped.

Investigate Mt. Hulao

Journey to the mountain to learn about ‘Big Sis’ and her fate.

As you fly from the teleport point you’ll see a great, big hole in the ground. Please don’t accidentally start plunging from that height like me, you will die:

Mt. Hulao

Defeat the two hilichurls and the geo samachurl waiting below. Then drop into the hole.

To avoid being carried back up by the current, either glide very close to the walls or (at this much shorter distance) plunge attack your way down.

Break open the mega chunk of Cor Lapis.

Yan’er, or ‘Big Sis’, will have been trapped inside. Have a chat with her.

She’ll recall all the grand times the Traveler had hunting her men and beating them up throughout Quince Village- but thank you all the same for saving her life.

As it happened, she really did fall while trying to flee the Guhua disciples. She was protected by the powers of Mountain Shaper and simultaneously punished for her misdeeds.

Go on and soar back to land.

She asks you why you were after her. Give her Hiromi’s drifting bottle.

She’ll pretend not to remember him, scolding his life choices much like Kazu had.

Even so, she’ll have you pass her gratitude onto him and suggests that the Uyuu Restaurant Hiromi mentions in his letter is a good place to drink. In a backhanded compliment she comments it would be a fine place to meet with an idiotic person she doesn’t know.

Achievement: You Can’t Help Your Feelings

Return to Inazuma and meet with Hiromi on Ritou’s Pier.

You of course relay the news that ‘Big Sis’ claims not to know him. She doesn’t get involved with officers of the government- especially ‘idiotic’ ones.

But should he fancy a drink, she’ll be waiting one day at the Uyuu Restaurant.

Despite not knowing when they will be able to truly meet again, Hiromi offers his thanks and well-wishes.

For solving his angst, you are rewarded the hidden Wonders of the World Achievement: You Can’t Help Your Feelings! and 5 Primogems.

Quest Rewards

This quest rewards:

  • 2 Hero’s Wit
  • 30 Primogems
  • 20000 Mora
  • 200 Adventure EXP

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