Home Lies Over The Ocean Quest

The World Quest, Homes Lies Over the Ocean, involves Atsuko, an NPC players once helped find a job for in Liyue Harbor. Seeking to leave the smothering constraints of Inazuma and its new “Vision Hunt Decree”, Atsuko committed to starting a new life away from home.

To begin the quest, complete the following below:

AR Level 30
Complete: Chapter II Prologue
Complete: “Ritou Escape Plan”

Afterwards, travel to Liyue Harbor.

Find Atsuko wandering the docks by the Commission Board and down the stairs from the weapon’s forge. Hearing of your successful journey into Inazuma, she will ask you to deliver a letter to her parents. Although she misses home, she is certain that she will not be going back.

At her request, go to Inazuma City. Her parents, Michiru and Yoh, live outside its walls.

Inazuma City Outskirts

Give The Letter To Michiru and Yoh

Michiru and Yoh will be standing outside their home. Talk with them.

Michiru and Yoh House Location

Upon trying to give them Atsuko’s letter, her parents will tell you that she is already back home- although she’s been behaving a bit strangely. They share they aren’t too sure what she does when she leaves during the day. They also recognize, somewhat confused, that the letter you’ve given them is definitely from the same daughter who is now at home.

Very, very peculiar.

Michiru and Yoh ask you to return the next evening once Atsuko is home from work so she can explain herself to you and clear up the confusion.

Wait Until The Following Night (18:00- 6:00)

Return to Atsuko’s house. Her parents will be having a discussion you can hear from outside. They mention a Tanuki they rescued but unfortunately disappeared. Knocking on the door will bring the conversation to an end and Atsuko and her parents will come out to meet you.

Atsuko Homes Lies Over the Ocean

Atsuko has little knowledge of her job in Liyue or who you are. Assuring you not to worry and that she changed her mind about traveling and living abroad, she then does her best to get you to leave. Questioning her results in a small panic and she will suddenly leave, upset.

Her parents apologize on her behalf and ask you to return the next day for proper payment. The “payment” Atsuko has been receiving from work is oddly berries and nick-knacks found in the woods.

Adjust the in-game clock until it’s the next day again.

Speak with her parents. Atsuko will have disappeared from the house. Thanking you for the trouble of delivering the letter, nonetheless, Michiru and Yoh will give you your reward of:

Adventure EXP 100
20000 Mora
Hero’s Wit x3

After the quest concludes, players can return to Liyue Harbor. There they will see Atsuko wandering the docks as usual in between her job.

Atsuko Liyue Harbor
Liyue Harbor

Speaking to her, she won’t mention Inazuma or her parents at all, leaving us to wonder who or what exactly is living with Michiru and Yoh.

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