How to Increase Your Mona’s Burst Damage by up to 300k

Mona is one of the most complicated characters in Genshin Impact thanks to how her abilities work. A wrong combo sequence can determine whether you will get as low as 50k burst damage or up to 200k burst damage. Here, I will share with you five mistakes you should avoid so you can reach your maximum potential with Mona and even go as high as 300k burst damage! For full details on her Elemental Burst Talent, Stellaris Phantasm, check out the below guide:

For the team comp in this scenario, we will use Mona, Sucrose, and Bennett. Here is the sequence combo for Vaporize Burst Mona:

Hydro > Sucrose E Skill (Hydro Swirl) > Bennett Q > Mona Q > wait 2 seconds > Bennett E Skill

Mistake 1: Knowing Who is Your Trigger

The trigger character is the character that will trigger the Elemental Reaction. This mechanic also applies for Mona’s burst. If you are using the Vaporize burst comp for Mona, you can set either Mona to be the trigger character, or your Pyro DPS character to be the trigger character. This is important because the damage of the reaction will depends on the trigger character’s attribute.

If you do this combo:

Pyro > Mona’s Burst > Pyro, then Mona will be the trigger character

However, if you do this combo:

Mona’s Burst > Pyro, then the Pyro character will be the trigger

If you invest a lot of good Artifacts + Weapon + Talent for Mona, just remember to apply Pyro first – that way Mona will be the trigger character. Yeah… Mona is a bit complicated.

Mistake 2: Impatience with the Internal Cooldown

Internal Cooldown (ICD) is basically the timer interval before you can trigger another elemental reaction (usually around 1 to 2 seconds). During this timer, if you make another elemental attack, it will still inflict the damage, but it won’t apply a new elemental aura or trigger the reaction.

Do you remember Mona’s burst combo?

Bennett’s Burst > Mona’s Burst > Wait 2 Seconds > Bennett E Skill

If you don’t wait for 2 seconds after casting Mona’s burst and immediately use Bennett and cast his E skill, he will still do E skill damage and pop the bubble. However, there will be no Vaporize reaction happening because the ICD is still active. This way, you won’t get the x2 damage multiplier, and will just deal the normal bubble damage (same damage as if you let it popped itself after 8 seconds).

Mistake 3: Swapping to Bennett Too Soon

Because we need to wait for the ICD, there might be a chance you could switch to Bennett and wait for that ICD to be over so you can immediately trigger the Vaporize reaction. Bennett’s buff lingers after 1 – 2 seconds, so if you switched from Mona to Bennett while waiting for the ICD, Mona will not gain the ATK buff anymore.

If you then create a Vaporize reaction, you will then waste higher damage potential because Mona doesn’t get this ATK buff. So just wait 2 seconds using Mona, then switch to Bennett after the 2 second ICD is over so that Mona can still get the ATK buff and you will deal higher damage.

Mistake 4: Wrong Swirl Element

Just make sure to Swirl Wet / Hydro element if you are planning on using Viridescent Venerer character like Sucrose. This way, you will get higher damage from reducing the opponent’s Hydro resistance because Mona’s burst damage is a Hydro attack.

Mistake 5: Wrong Mona Build

You might feel tempted to build an insane Crit DMG for your Mona because you saw her damage showcase from YouTube or reddit. A low Crit Rate will cause an imbalance of the CDMG:CR ratio, lowering her damage output. I highly suggest you to have around 50% CR or above, to increase the consistency.

It is better to have consistent Critical Attack that deals around 80k – 150k damage every time (even better if you can reach higher damage) rather than only dealing 20k damage every time you cast Mona’s burst.

I hope you learn something from this guide today. You can also watch this video guide for visual demonstration to help you understand the mistakes you should avoid so that your Mona can deal big damage for her burst.

That’s all for this post, I’ll see you in another post!

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  1. I changed Mona’s artifacts from Heart of Depth to Emblem of the severed fate, and her crit rate went from around 60%, to 2.8%, and her crit dmg went from 80%, to 200%. I’ve been anxious to bother her build because esf is hard to farm properly. Her circlet is crit dmg I think. Bennett is good, and I use Venti for my swirl reactions since I never properly built Sucrose.