How to Solve Anemo Monument Puzzle in Loch Urania

There is a Hydroculus floating high in the air, and your option here to get it is by solving the Anemo monuments puzzle scattered in the area. After the puzzle is completed, you will get an achievement ‘I Fear’d the Fury of My Wind’ and glide to another location for the second Hydroculus.

Teleport to Weeping Willow of the Lake northwest waypoint and head northeast where you can see 3 wind currents surrounding torches inside them.

There are 3 Anemo monuments here, and all of them have the same solution to their puzzle. First, go to any Anemo monument near your spot and hit it with Anemo.

This will make the wind barrier disappear and then you can light the torches with Pyro. Do this with the other Anemo monuments (one of them is locked, and you need to defeat Anemo Slimes floating above the monument to unlock it).

After all 3 torches are lit up, an Eye of the Storm will appear and you need to defeat it. It will run away once and you can use the wind current (that just appears) to chase after it. You will get the first Hydroculus here.

Once you defeat the Eye of the Storm on top of the waterplank, glide west towards Loch Urania (huge floating water drop) and get the second Hydroculus on top of all that water.


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