How to Solve the Fire Torch Puzzle on the Isle next to Minacious Isle

The Golden Apple Archipelago has a lot of puzzles both old and new, however, there’s one fire torch puzzle that is difficult, to say the least. On the isle next to Minacious Isle as shown below:

There’s only three visible torches when you get there:

The first torch is northwest of the puzzle platform, and right next to the chest.

The second torch is northeast on the highest point in the isle.

The third torch is southwest across from the first torch. 

So where is the last one?

To the left of the isle there’s a whirlpool with bubbles popping around it. Get on your ship and sail right into the whirlpool. You’ll be taken to a cave with fish and mushrooms where you’ll encounter a large Hydro slime. After you defeat it, observe the stone tablet about an astrologer wanting a better observation point for the stars. 

Then climb up the vines to the upper floor. Afterward, you will see a pressure plate and two small Hydro slimes. After defeating the slimes, and interacting with the stone tablet, step on the pressure plate.

The pressure plate will open the grate next to it. Go inside and don’t worry about the grate shutting behind you. There is a way out by interacting with the stone tablet in the room.  

After turning the time to 1:00 am and destroying the rubble next to the tablet. There’s a pressure plate, and after stepping on it water will rise and carry you to the vines and the now open grate of the ceiling. 

Note there’s a luxurious chest behind the vines as shown below:

Grab it so don’t you have to come back later like I did. You can also spot the last torch to the left of the chest:

You could also climb out of the room, and move to the right side. Look into the water filled room and you should be able to see the last torch with or without the elemental sight:

After lighting the last torch you should be able to obtain the exquisite chest of the puzzle. 

At first, it may seem like a lot of work, but the luxurious chest definitely made the task somewhat worth it in the end. 

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