Hu Tao Quick TL;DR DPS Build Guide


PSA #1: Don’t want to die? Then make sure your DPS is alive and kickin so they can keep your team from passing onto the afterlife

PSA #2: Both Hu Tao’s abilities scale off ATK, but more importantly HP as well! Don’t expect her to be a facetank DPS though, since you’ll be trading most of that HP for more damage 🙂

COSTS 30% CURRENT HP TO USE. Activation will stagger smaller enemies. Hu Tao is 100% a masochist cause she does more damage based off her Max HP. Transforms normal/charged attacks from Physical to Pyro DMG. Charged attacks apply a Pyro DoT to enemies


  1. The Pyro enchantment she receives CANNOT be overwritten – this means that things like Chongyun E won’t be as problematic with her, allowing you to run him on your team if you want
  2. Blood Blossom damage will be blocked by shields still – if you use it on something like a wooden or ice shield, then the DoT proc will simply burn/melt the shield (unless they’re in their animation to put out the fire in wooden shield’s example)
  3. Blood Blossom only ticks twice – just a reminder that it ticks every 4s with an 8s duration (ticks once halfway, and another at end)
Gives your team juicy CRIT% after E ends (NOT TO HERSELF)
Hu Tao literally slaps the living hell out of her enemies with some poor ghost. DOES MORE DAMAGE IF YOU’RE BELOW HALF HP. Also heals you when you hit enemies with it

IMPORTANT TIP: THE HEAL DOES NOT PROC IF YOU DON’T HIT ANYONE WITH IT. The heal itself can also stack 5 times. For example, hitting one enemy with Q while above 50% HP will heal 9.23%. However, if you hit 5 enemies with Q while above 50% HP it will heal 9.23% x 5 (46.15% Max HP healed)

Basically try to stay below 50% HP as often as possible

PSA #3: Her sprint isn’t just some fancy effect btw. You can run through enemies with it — BUT the enemies will still track you + you can get hit while invisible near the end of the animation (not sure if intended or just poorly programmed)

Talent Leveling Order: Normal > E > Q (only prioritize Q > E if you’re running her burst DPS)

WEAPON #1 (Recommended for best DPS): Staff of Homa

How do I get it D: ? – It’s time to roll boys (gacha)

Has CRIT DMG base scaling and is ATK overload for Hu Tao

This is by far her best in slot. Can easily reach 4k+ ATK with SoH, but the additional CRIT DMG is also massive due to her 4th hidden stat being CRIT DMG as well. Primordial Jade-Winged Spear is also extremely suitable for overall use

Vortex Vanquisher is only optimal if you’re running a Retracing Bolide/shield comp. Otherwise, Dragon’s Bane has tested to be better with overall with flex team comps

WEAPON #2 (Recommended for early DPS): Dragon’s Bane

How do I get it D: ? – It’s time to roll boys (gacha)

Has EM base scaling and absolutely amazing for vaporize/melt comps

If you have a Hydro/vaporize comp, Dragon’s Bane far outshine any of the other 4-star weapons. Xingqiu was the easiest/highest damage ouput (as he’s practically made for normal attack spammers), but Mona works great for burst DPS as well. Barbara with TTDS also fits extremely well — Cryo/melt also works fairly

Deathmatch feels nice for the ATK buff, but also for the CRIT% it provides. Buff is practically up 24/7. Blackcliff Pole is reliable IN OVERWORLD CONTENT. If you’re deciding which to take into Abyss between Deathmatch vs. Blackcliff — Deathmatch will perform much better

Lithic Spear is alright as well, but strains you into taking a Liyue-based team which is inefficient

ARTIFACT #1 (Recommended for best DPS): Crimson Witch of Flames

How do I get it D: ? – Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula Domain (AR 30 locked, 20 Resin per run)

Boosts everything + amazing for EM damage

4-set Crimson is great for overall sustained damage. It’s pretty much a jack of all trades in terms of performance. The 4-set bonus really accentuates vaporize/melt damage, but just be aware you won’t really benefit from the stacking bonus due to Hu Tao’s E being 16s CD

IF you have the time/resources, or was lucky to get good Wanderer’s Troupe pieces, then 2-set WT + 2-set Crimson is also an extremely good set (recommended for running full EM comp with Sucrose/Venti + Xingqiu + Bennett) – downside being don’t expect as much damage if you’re not properly applying pyro/hydro

ARTIFACT #2 (Recommended for early DPS): Sojourner + Berserker

How do I get it D: ? – Sojourner at Midsummer Courtyard Domain (AR 22 locked, 20 Resin per run). Berserker at any World Boss (40 Resin per run) or chests.

Boosts everything
Lets you hit harder early + utilize Hu Tao’s scaling CRIT DMG

Alternatively, you can just stack two 18% ATK+ sets, or even run 4-set Sojourner for a niche charged attack build early on. The benefit of Berserker is if you’re farming from bosses, it can also help drop Wanderer’s Troupe pieces as well

Main stats:


HP% Sands + substat prioritization is highly recommended as her E scales infinitely better with HP than ATK (even more so if you have Staff of Homa)

Substats: CRIT DMG > CRIT% > HP (HP% if not main stat) > EM/ATK%

If you want other characters let me know. Hope this helped. Bye.


I spend too much time filling out spreadsheets for incoherent data, but at least I can turn them into guides :P

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    • It’s a decent weapon, but you’ll have to NA a bit more to make it worthwhile. Things like Dragon’s Bane and Deathmatch (in terms of 4-stars), will give you more mileage though

    • It varies on what your playstyle is. If you like Normal attacking a lot of Hu Tao with her E, it still competes well vs. Crimson. The only loss will be on your ult (but it’s minimal differenece)

    • Unfortunately, still not much of a change. The new artifact sets were primarily slotted for the newer (or rather Dendro-based) characters — or rather characters that can synergize with them.

      Hu Tao is still the same good ol’ reliable 4x Crimson > 4x Shime (more solo DMG but Hu Tao burst DMG goes down) > 4x Gilded Dreams (but really not worth considering).