Hypostatic Symphony Challenge I: Violet Lightning Concerto I

Violet Lightning Concerto I

Welcome to our guide for Day I – the Violet Lightning Concerto!

Table of Contents

1. Overview2. Challenge I: Violet Lightning Concerto I
3. Challenge II: Storm Butterfly Intermezzo I4. Challenge III: Stone Heart Sonata I
4. Challenge IV: Available 19/1/215. Challenge V: Available 20/1/21
6. Challenge VI: Available 21/1/217. Challenge VII: Available 22/1/21
8. Challenge VIII: Available 23/1/21
(Don’t) Bite off more than you can chew!


This encounter has the following variations, with the final two DEDUCTING POINTS (don’t forget about the difficulty multiplier:)

Complete challenge in 300s / 180s / 120s 100 / 150 / 200
Boss HP +25% / +50% / 100%100 / 150 / 200
Boss +50% Cryo resistance40
Boss + 50% Physical resistance40
-25 character ATK if HP < 50%40
-50% Crit DMG for entire party50
-80% energy recharge for entire party50
Switching characters increases the damage taken by all characters by 25% (stacks up to 4x)50
Boss ATK +50%60
-20% Party Movement Speed60
Active character takes +75% increased damage for 10 seconds after sprinting60
+100% elemental skill cooldown60
+10% CRIT rate and +20% CRIT damage for active character if HP > 90%-50
+30% shield strength-50
That’s a lot to choose from!


The Electro Hypostasis performs the following mechanics (if you’ve done the original electro hypostasis, some may be familiar to you:)

  • Seeking Missile: The hypostasis transmutes into a floating diamond and fires three electro-infused homing missiles. Similar to the ruin guard missiles, they will chase you for awhile, and deal massive damage (upwards of 6,000.) May potentially be lethal combined with the variations.
    • Keep a sizable distance away from the hypostases and dodge when the missiles approach you.
    • Block them with geo structures. (Ningguang screens, Zhongli pillars, etc.)
    • Animation cancel by dodging into the orb (may be risky – requires practice.)
  • Laser Beam: The hypostasis spawns six rotating beams for several rotations. Being hit will stagger and damage your character significantly; inability to recover from being staggered and multiple hits may be lethal. The hypostasis recombines at the end of the mechanic for high damage.
    • Notes: Sprint to the center of the laser beams and attack the hypostasis at the core.
    • Sprint into the beams to dodge them temporarily (standing height will cause you to be damaged, but not sprinting height.)
    • Run out of the center when the hypostasis is about to conclude its mechanic to avoid the collision damage.
  • Drill: The hypostasis charges towards you in a straight line as a drill.
  • Punch or Wall fold: The hypostasis punches you (in a curled fist) or spawns a wall which folds for significant damage.
  • Triple Combo: The hypostasis performs three formation attacks in sequence – punch, scissors, hammer.
    • Dodge BEHIND the hypostasis rather than running away from it, as the scissors and hammer will continue in a straight line.
  • Landmines: The hypostasis spawns a swarm of small electro blocks which radiate from the center. Each block deals small damage, but may be lethal combined.
    • If you have venti, his skyward sonnet (held) can negate this entire mechanic.
    • Blocking with geo structures do work, but only for a short while.
  • Octagonal Prison: The hypostasis forms an octagonal-shaped prison and rains random laser AoEs. Each deals high damage (6000+).
    • Dash past the first pillar before it spawns completely.
    • Use venti’s sonnet or geo structures to jump out of the prison cage.
  • DPS Check: The boss will summon multiple “split cores” similar to its original when reduced to minimal health. Destroy them all or the boss will heal itself back up.
The DPS check. Delete them all in one go!

Parting Advice

  • Geo characters can be handy, but they aren’t everything as their structures can crumble.
  • Try turning off the cryo resistance up variation if you’re having a hard time meeting the DPS check.
  • Practice animation cancelling to dodge the seeking missiles consistently.
  • Venti can negate a lot of the mechanics, so be sure to bring him if you were lucky enough to roll him.
  • YOU ONLY NEED 3000 POINTS FOR THE FULL REWARDS AT THE END OF THE EVENT, so don’t be frustrated if you can’t seem to make it with all the variations.
  • Healers are helpful but play aggressively, as the event is timegated.
  • Save your burst if you notice the boss being reduced to low health to delete all the smaller split core prisms in one go.

See you tomorrow with the Pure Anemo Hypostasis Guide!