Hypostatic Symphony Event Guide

Hypostatic Symphony - Gameplay Details
Old pals, new tricks.

Table of Contents

1. Overview2. Challenge I: Violet Lightning Concerto I
3. Challenge II: Storm Butterfly Intermezzo I4. Challenge III: Stone Heart Sonata I
4. Challenge IV: Available 19/1/215. Challenge V: Available 20/1/21
6. Challenge VI: Available 21/1/217. Challenge VII: Available 22/1/21
8. Challenge VIII: Available 23/1/21

It’s finally here! Our beloved friends, the hypostases, have returned to grace (or slap) us once more – this time, with a new twist. Here’s our guide to get you started!


  • You’ll need adventure rank 20 to access this event. (The domain entrance will still spawn, but you will not be able to enter.)
  • The domain entrance is teleportable, just like many other domain entrances.
  • Not all bosses are currently available; at the time of writing, only the Violet Lightning Concerto and Storm Butterfly Intermezzo are. New events will release sequentially every day.
So colorful!
  • Different characters will receive “boosts” (+20% DMG) for different challenges, as shown above.


  • Unlike the normal hypostases, you have the option to “customize” the challenges for greater difficulty. . . but greater rewards.
    • These customizations range anywhere from increased levels (in the form of difficulty levels from easy (lv. 20) to expert (lv. 80)) to greater health pools (opponents’ HP increased by 25%, 50%, 100%.)
    • The difficulty levels grant a score multiplier to your entire score, after all the other variations have been summed.
    • You can mix and match to your pleasure, and the total score will be shown at the bottom.
    • Some modifiers grant buffs to your party (as shown by the final two options) at the cost of point deductions.

Scores and Rewards

  • Each event clear, regardless of the number of points attained, will yield 60 primogems.
  • For each event, you will be given a score based on your score modifiers. You will be awarded rewards based on the running total of all scores between all events.
Net ScoreRewards
20K mora + 2 Liyue Silver Talent Books per threshold
20K mora + 4x Hero’s wit per threshold
14,00020K mora + 4x Hero’s Wit + Namecard
20K mora + 8x mystic enhancement ore per threshold

Parting Advice

  • Although soloable, this event can also be done in Co-op mode. This is highly encouraged, especially if you’re seeking to attain the maximum points. Co-oping with four players will essentially quadruple your damage output which can be extremely helpful.
  • The bosses have new, unique attacks, based on the attack of the original hypostases. Mastering when these mechanics occur and how to respond to them (known as a ‘rotation’) is your key to success!
  • Before initiating combat, wait for every character’s elemental burst to fully recharge. (it will always happen.)
  • Entering the domain fully heals your entire team, including fallen characters. This is an excellent alternative to using the statues of the seen.
  • Food and potions ARE allowed. Warriors’ Dish Specialties such as No Tomorrow, Once Upon a Time in Mondstadt, and Adeptus’ Temptation are sure to be very handy, but remember that dishes of the same types cannot be stacked (potions, also, cannot be stacked.)

Excited to get started? Join us in our first guide for the Violet Lightning Concerto I!