In Another Land World Quest

Alrani is a scholar from Sumera players first met in Liyue. She was captured by Treasure Hoarders for her research and locked up in a cage until her rescue. Now, having had her term paper rejected for the second time, she has traveled to Inazuma. Here she hopes to find a topic worth enough to write about.

In order to trigger her appearance, however, you must have completed the following world and Archon quests first:

And This Treasure Goes To…
Endless Research
Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow

After the required quests have been completed, travel to Ritou. You can find her near the Outlander Affairs Agency.

Outlander Affairs Agency

She will share how her research paper submitted to her tutor failed and how she has no clue what to write about that could possibly be approved. As a newcomer in Inazuma, she asks you to explore the port with her and gather pictures for inspiration.

Equip your Kamera. It doesn’t matter which one you decide to use. Then set off together on your small adventure!

EipekkusuThe owner, Kaede, will come out and confront you. Seeing you and Alrani as suspicious, she will be unfriendly and ask you to leave.
Syavushi Bakshesh ShoppeVahid recognizes Alrani as one of her fellow countrymen from Sumeru. He allows her to take the pictures she needs but warns her, as an outlander, she will need to be more careful when looking around.
The WharfA fisherman, Obata, catches sight of your photo-taking. He claims you need a permit and tries to report Alrani to the Outlander Affairs Agency.

Before Obata can take Alrani to the Agency, Vahid will arrive in a timely fashion. Claiming Alrani as his ‘new-hire’, he takes you both back to his shop.

Conclusion and Rewards

After saving Alrani from Obata and the Agency, Vahid offers to help her apply for a permit so she can travel and have an easier time during her stay in Inazuma. So long as she applies under him, it should be alright. In return, he asks for assistance in marketing the fertilizers he sells.

Alrani agrees. Grateful, Vahid will cook everyone a small meal.

Gather him the Fish, Seagrass and Rice he asks for. You need one of each.

Once finished, the quest will conclude. You earn:

Adventure EXP 100
Adventurer’s Experience x3
Vahid’s Kneaded Onigiri

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