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Spiral Abyss Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Floor 1
  3. Floor 2
  4. Floor 3
  5. Floor 4
  6. Floor 5
  7. Floor 6
  8. Floor 7
  9. Floor 8
  10. Floor 9
  11. Floor 10
  12. Floor 11 (FULLY UPDATED)
  13. Floor 12 (FULLY UPDATED)


Welcome to your frustrating journey up the Spiral Abyss — The end-all be-all for every Genshin player. It’s the ultimate test to see if your characters and teams are built correctly, but most of the time it’s just knowing enemy/elemental matchups!

Four things you need to know:

  1. You can’t swap characters during a floor
  2. You can’t swap weapons or artifacts during a floor
  3. No snacking in the Abyss (no buffing or consumables to heal mid-fight)
  4. At the start of every Floor, your team will have full energy and HP

We wrote this guide in hopes to serve as a proper database and guide for. Below will be descriptions of each mechanic of the Spiral Abyss, as well as a detailed listing of each floor, it’s enemies, and small tidbits on how to progress through them!

How to read the tables:

Blessing of the Abyssal Moon

Blessings are two week long, changing buffs that affect every floor of the Abyss. They’re pretty important since it can extremely boost a character’s versatility in the Abyss, and if potent enough will change how you tackle each floor. However, this does not warrant forcing a team centered around a blessing — rather they should serve to enhance the effectiveness of your existing teams.

You can check which blessings are in play by clicking this on the top right corner:

Which will show a popup that looks like this:

There are two phases per month: waxing and waning. The waxing phase starts on the 1st; the waning phase starts on the 16th. Every phase there is a new buff/set of buffs, which change at the same time the Abyssal Moon Spire (Floors 9-12) resets. 

Ley Line Disorders

It’s basically the Spiral Abyss’ having an emotional fit for that floor. It can be a buff that helps you out OR a debuff that absolutely shoves you into a corner. Disorders last for that whole floor with each floor having its own unique Disorder. Building your teams with the floor’s Disorder in mind can be the difference between a rough and smooth climb!

Floor 1

  • Pyro DMG +75%
  • Overload DMG +200%

Floor 2

  • Cryo DMG +75%
  • Enemies Frozen longer

Floor 3

  • Anemo DMG +75%
  • Swirl DMG +300%, and AoE +100%

Floor 4

  • Electro DMG +75%
  • Electro-Charged DMG +150%, and AoE +100%

Floor 5

When HP is above:

  • 50% = ATK and DEF +25%
  • 80% = Normal Attack SPD +20%

Floor 6

  • Elemental Burst increases party ATK and DEF by 6%. Max 10 stacks.
  • 5+ stacks increases character Normal Attack SPD and Movement SPD +30%

Floor 7

  • CRITs generate Elemental Particles and Orbs every 15s
  • CRIT DMG +120%

Floor 8

When HP is below:

  • 60% = ATK and DEF +50%
  • 45% = Normal Atk SPD +30%, Movement SPD +30%
  • 30% = CRIT% +20%, CRIT DMG +40%

Floor 9

  • Will accumulate Sheer Cold, losing HP when max stack
  • Enemies attack Ruin Braziers, preventing you from lowering Sheer Cold. Broken Braziers restart after a while (need time)

Floor 10

  • Will accumulate Sheer Cold, losing HP when max stack
  • Warming Seelie spawn and lower Sheer Cold when nearby

Floor 11

  • Will periodically get Engulfing Storm, draining energy
  • Cryo DMG +75%

Floor 12

  • Geo DMG +75%

Benediction Buffs

At the start of each chamber, you’ll see a prompt like this:

You can only pick one of the three, so pick carefully. Each buff has a unique buff duration, as well as its usefulness based on which characters are on your team. Buffs change daily and are different per player!

There are three types of buff durations:

  1. Effective this floor: Buff will last for all 3 chambers of that floor
  2. Effective this chamber: Buff will last for that chamber only
  3. Effective immediately: Happens immediately, before the challenge starts.


It is recommended to pick “effective this floor” for the first two chambers, unless you need a powerful “effective this chamber” buff to achieve a number of stars. Buffs do not transition with you between floors! For this reason, you can safely pick “effective this chamber” for the last chamber on a floor, and those buffs are typically stronger.

Picking the right combination of buffs can make the world’s difference when it comes to climbing the Spiral Abyss. You can check which buffs you have currently at the start of each chamber by clicking on the top right:

Listed below are all the buffs based on their duration type. We’ve also added whether or not they’re really worth taking, as well as some notes for any exceptions/clarifications!  As a general guide, offensive buffs are the ones most worth taking, as time pressure is often the problem with progressing through the Abyss.  That said, even defensive ones can improve your floor time by reducing the time spent healing.

Effective this floor

ATK +20%YTop notch early game / very good late game
DEF +30%NDecent for Albedo/Noelle, useless otherwise / Not showing past Floor 7
Max HP +25%NUseless / Not showing past Floor 7
Elemental Mastery +80NGood if heavily combo based
Physical DMG +25%YVery good if main Phys DPS
Skill DMG +20%YVery good
Burst DMG +20%YVery good
CRIT +8%
YTop notch late game / good early game
Normal/Charged Atk DMG +20%YVery good
DMG after sprint: +20%
(lasts 8s, every 15s)
YOK. Bad if stamina spam
Weak Point DMG +30%NNormally bad, but can be good with a build built around aimed dps (F2P Amber carry)
Energy Recharge +20%NNot great. Normally a comp that relies on burst spam will already have enough ER

Typically buffs that boost your ATK, CRIT%/CRIT DMG, and DMG overall are best to take. Of course there are exceptions as to which buffs are good depending on your team comp, which we’ve included in the notes column.

Effective this chamber

Buff NameGood?Notes
DEF -15%, ATK +40%YGood if on last chamber
HP is greater than 50%, DEF +40%NPractically useless
HP is great than 50%, ATK +30%YGood if on last chamber
Killing heals 8% HP for the current characterNGood if no healer/last chamber
Elemental Skill and Burst CD -20%YGood if on last chamber
Movement SPD +30%NUseless
Sprinting Stamina cost -30%NUseless
Charged Attack Stamina Cost -50%NPractically useless for most characters. Can be good for Keqing charge attack spam style
Killing gives a 50% chance to end current elemental skill CD. Can only occur once every 20s.NDecent for characters like Xingqiu and Sucrose, bad otherwise
All Elemental RES +25%NUseless
Physical DMG RES 30%NUseless
Elemental Bursts instantly restore 30% HPVery situational. Can indirectly improve dps by reducing time spent healing.
Normal Attack SPD +25%YReally good for a tough chamber, particularly for a “slow-swap” style like Razor/Xingqiu

“Effective this chamber” offensive buffs are typically extremely strong, but fault at not being effective throughout the entire floor. There are rarely any moments where they take precedence over floor buffs, but on the last chamber can be extremely beneficial to take!

Effective immediately

Party heals 25% HPNGood if direly low and don’t have healer / Always shows up on 3rd chamber

I spend too much time filling out spreadsheets for incoherent data, but at least I can turn them into guides :P

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