Inazuma Wood and Gardening Guide – Version 2.5 – Feb 2022

With the introduction of Inazuma, new furnishings and features have been introduced to the Serenitea Pot! On top of the 7 existing wood types, 2.0 introduced 4 new wood types that you can farm exclusively in Inazuma! The Serenitea Pot also has the new feature of Gardening, which I’ll also cover near the end of this guide!

Below will be listed which wood type, what you should look for when finding these trees, and some farming routes/locations to get them!

Wood Farming Locations

Maple Wood

Maple Wood is actually the first new tree you see when you first arrive in Inazuma. They’re all around Ritou and practically impossible to miss!

Their dead giveaway are the bright red leaves on the tree, and when you get near them you’ll see a small effect of maple leaves falling from the trees! They’re really hard to miss, so don’t worry about somehow accidentally walking right past them.

Maple Wood Farming Routes: Ritou and Higi Village

Otogi Wood

Otogi Wood is the most populous of the 4 new wood types, and can be found in quite heavily dense pockets on Yashiori Island (the last major island of the 3 in Inazuma).

What you want to look out for when searching for Otogi trees is their distinctive, multi-branch trees with regular green leaves! It’s a very slim tree that will have tons of branches that spread out from the center. The trees almost look like they’re growing arms, and most of the Otogi trees will have 3-4 branches/arms arching out of them.

Otogi Wood Farming Route: Fort Fujitou and Nazuchi Beach

Yumemiru Wood

Yumemiru Wood has arguably one of the prettiest trees, which resemble their heavy influence from cherry blossom trees! They are mainly found on the first island, Narukami Island, near the Southern areas!

If it wasn’t extremely obvious, Yumemiru trees can be found by their extremely distinctive pink leaves. When near the leaves, they also produce a visual effect of falling cherry blossoms, which are incredibly hard to miss.

Fun fact: you can kind of get 2 materials out of the way when farming Yumemiru Wood, as Sakura Blooms are often found under or near the Yumemiru trees!

Yumemiru Wood Farming Route: Amakane Island and Inazuma City (bonus: Grand Narukami Shrine)

If you’ve finished the Inazuma Archon quest, then farming the Yumemiru trees inside the castle may be a tiny bit difficult due to patrol soldiers who will boot you out of the castle. Otherwise, feel free to head to the Grand Narukami Shrine TP (the giant, wooden, fox Electro tree) and follow the stairway down the mountain to get some free Yumemiru wood as well!

Aralia Wood

Aralia Wood is the scarcest of the 4 wood types, but still can be found in extremely dense pockets around Inazuma. The only thing that makes them really stick out is that they’re friggin massive in size and height. If you spot a gigantic, skyscraper of a tree, most likely you’ve found an Aralia tree!

Aralia Wood Farming Route: Chinju Forest

Grab the trees behind the TP and then follow thee path into Chinju Forest to grab the rest! Make sure to follow the path into the Kamisato Estate to grab the 5 trees that are there as well!

Gardening in Serenitea Pot

After you finish the The Art of Horticulture world quest, Madame Ping will give you a Seed Dispensary gadget. This is an important gadget as it will allow you to collect, plant, and grow seeds inside your teapot!

Make sure to have it equipped by going to the “gadget” tab in your inventory and pressing “equip.” While this is equipped as your gadget, picking up flowers or plants will automatically also reward you with the seed for that respective plant!

Make sure to equip this box to get seeds!

The other way to get seeds is by buying them directly from Tubby. There is a new tab in the Realm Depot shop called “Creatures of the Realm,” where you can buy 5 seeds of every flower/plant in the game. To buy the whole stock (21 plants), it costs a grand total of 525 currency and the shop refreshes every week!

So what can you do with the seeds? Plant them! Tubby also sells farm plots called “A Path of Value” under the “Riches of the Realm” category in the shop. You can buy 2 of each variant, with a single plot allowing you to plant 4 seeds!

3 different plots for different types of seeds

Each plot allows you to plant very specific seeds. Each planted seed takes a whopping (basically) 3 days to grow, so make sure to pick the right plants! Here’s what each plot lets you plant:

Jade Field:

RadishMintCarrotJueyun Chili
ValberryMushroomSweet FlowerSmall Lamp Grass

Luxuriant Glebe:

Windwheel AsterSilk FlowerGlaze LilyCeclia
QingxinVioletgrassNaku Weed

Orderly Meadow:

Calla LilySeagrassSea Ganoderma
SnapdragonLotus HeadHorsetail

And that’s it! All you need to know regarding woodfarming and gardening for 2.0 is basically done! Hopefully you guys have had much more fun exploring Inazuma than Dragonspine (or even the older areas!). If you have any questions, feel free to ask them!

Hope this helped, bye.


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