International Travel Log World Quest Guide

In what appears to pay small homage to the infamous novel, Around the World in Eighty Days, comes the short and simple quest: International Travel Log.

To start, talk to Midori.

She’ll be by the tomato fields outside Inazuma City.

Unable to see “Uncle Ramsey”, she’s been having trouble thinking of new stories to share with her friend, Kouchi. On top of that, for a while now, his travel logs telling of great adventures have stopped coming.

Following her request, seek Ramsey out in the Komore Teahouse and ask what happened.

He’ll be in the room furthest back where he reveals a majority of his logs were made-up stories he wrote himself. Moreover, he’s been trying to finish an original tale:

The adventures of a group of friends, who together, sail across Teyvat in 80 days in a massive balloon powered by technology without the use of a Vision.

Regrettably, as of late, Ramsey has been too afraid to explore outside alone.

A local man, Heihachi, has been following him around.

Now that you are here, though, Ramsey asks if you will accompany and protect him as he goes to several locations around the city.

At the very least, he can complete something small to reassure Midori he’s okay.

Accompanying Ramsey

Meet Ramsey at the beach. You leave him to his writing and explore as he notes the greatness of the sea. Walk around the areas circled yellow on your map.

You’ll discover Heihachi standing like a creep behind a rock.

Return to Ramsey and move to your next location.

At a waterfall north of the city, on the Byakko Plain, three hilichurls run up the hill in your direction. Take them out and have a chat with Ramsey once you’re done.

He’ll decide to include the ‘dangerous experience’ as a part of his story. However, noticing Heihachi is following you both still, he requests to move to a safer place.

Go to the ‘safer’ place three steps from Heihachi behind you who’s not even trying to hide.

Afterwards, journey to the summit of the mountaintop Ramsey wishes to see next.

You can glide from the Teleport Waypoint over and climb up.

Unfortunately, Heihachi continues to stare at the both of you from below. Rather than confront him, Ramsey suggests returning to the Komore Teahouse.

Upon entering, you’ll find the two together in the back room.

Heihachi, persisting that there is an ulterior motive behind the story-writing, refuses to lose his suspicions. Not fighting against it, Ramsey will ask you instead to take the now partially-finished travel log to Midori.

And so- despite taking the time to protect him from Heihachi in the first place- go ahead and leave him alone with the man.

Quest Rewards

Midori will be waiting down the road by the tea house.

As the story isn’t completed, she says she’ll hold onto it and wait.

You end the quest with Heihachi stalking Ramsey from a distance, as usual, outside. If you talk to either of them upon the quest’s end, sadly nothing will have changed.

You gain:

  • 5 Hero’s Wit
  • 30000 Mora
  • 100 Adventure EXP

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